What would you do?


we are thinking of flying instead of driving. i got an awesome deal if we fly ($524 for all four of us, roundtrip, includes taxes/fees). I solved my problem I asked earlier about the visiting grandma thing (got an aunt to pick us up and take us back to hotel). our flight would get us into orlando at 9:15am, so we’d have all day that day or we can arrive at 6pm.

so here are my options:

option 1 - drive and forget the whole headache!

option 2 - fly and stay at pop on friday ($105) with no park tickets and no DDP

option 3 - fly and stay offsite somewhere cheaper (but how do i get from that hotel to POP the next morning?)

option 4 - any other ideas?



When we drove, instead of stopping for the night, we were making such good time, I called WDW and asked if there were any rooms available. They put us in Pop. It was fun to explore, use the swimming pool, etc. You could also enjoy DTD for the day.


With your option 3, most hotels around Orlando have free shuttle service in the moring to the parks!!!

Take a cab. I’d go with option 3


I would go with option 2. Get to Orlando early, have Pop hold your bags, go to DTD for some shopping and lunch. Head back to Pop for check-in, unpack, take a swim, grab some dinner at the food court and settle down for an early night in preparation for you first day at the parks. It is a pain change hotels, and worth the extra cost to avoid that hassle.
Plus, if you count on getting a taxi or your aunt to drive you around, you will have to bring your 3 year old’s carseat. If you use ME and the WDW busses, you don’t have to bring it with you. In fact, they won’t let you use your carseat on ME, so no point in bringing it!!


You know what, Sarah, I just thought of something. You should call and see how much it would cost to add an extra day to your tickets. We did the same thing you did-found great deals on a flight, and changed our plans. We called to see how much it would cost to add another day to our park hopper tickets, and it cost us less than $9.00!!! For 5 people!!! Since you will be in the parks early, it is worth it to check it out and just see. Did you do free dining? If you did, they just added that on, too!! I think it is worth checking out-you never know. Good luck!!


I wanted to add the day - but we have a package, and it starts on the 22nd. Keith (mouseketrips) said he can get us a room at pop on friday so we won’t have to switch resorts, but that they can’t add to the existing package (so no ddp either) that night. so it would be a room only reservation. stinks! if it could be added to the existing and we’d get ddp and park tix that day it’d be a no brainer for us to do it.

maybe some miracle will happen and it’ll open up that we can do it that way! but…i won’t hold my breath!

DH is at work, and i texted him the options. he isn’t texting back!!! i am on pins and needles - what if i am too late to get that aweseme deal?

I am leaning towards staying at pop, and just swimming and DTD for the day. i would hate to not have transportation and be stuck at an offsite hotel all day/night.


Why don’t you go with dznylvr’s idea. After re-reading your question, I think it’s brilliant. Go to DTD, grab some quick lunch there. Make it a quick dinner at PoP or visa versa. It won’t cost that much.


If we could get flights that cheap for the 4 of us, we’d jump on that deal!!
Can you drive it that cheap from Indiana?? Round Trip driving (with a hotel each direction and meals on the road) from Texas costs us about $700-800.
I want to know why the mid-west gets such awesome deals to Orlando & we don’t?!?!?


If it were me I’d stay the one extra day and just explore DTD as others had said… Just eat cheap that day!!! One more day down there is more more day! Even if you just hang at Pop’s pool all day!


I second this option! (or do I third this option in this case):huh: :laugh:

I think this is a great plan. Driving is exhausting and this way you’ll have extra time to just relax and enjoy the resort.:happy:

Besides, if you go to DTD for a quick bite to eat, you already know where I would recommend!:laugh: (WGP)


DH just said to book it!! hurray!! it’s airtran (when I priced it earlier, i got lots of options for this price, now this is the only one) - are they ok?


Thats who we used for our trip. I got a great price and great seats. Smooth flight and was on on time. Dosen’t get much better than that.:happy:

I think your trip will be much more relaxed flying than if you drove.:happy:

How long of a drive is it anyway?


I’d go for option 2 ~ you’ll be able to start your first day on package all ready to go!!


Option 1: drive & arrive as planned already


15 hours (give or take). with an almost 4 and almost 7 year old. that adds a few hours (well, at least it feels like it)!

i booked it!! i am really excited!! DH said to do pop too - so i am emailing keith now! gotta get ME added too!!

thanks everyone!!


I agree with everyone here . . . POP is FUN to explore, you can get a Disney “Tattoo”, get the kids hair twisted . . . run in the Goofy splash park, swim, have a Lava Lamp drink . . . eat at the food court . . . go to bed early!!

I did EMH am for the FIRST time this last weekend . . . it is SO worth being there early . . . and I seem to recall you saying you have a 3 and 6 year old? SO YOU HAVE to do the MAGICAL BEGINNINGS AT MK . . . It ROCKED!! I’ll be posting my pics tomorrow.

It’s only offered on Sunday and Wednesdays I believe It’s for kids 2-7 . . . FANTASTIC!

It’s still HOT in September, so going early leaving around 11am for a swim/nap at the hotel and then going back at night is soooooo the way to go! :happy:


yep I am glad we are flying now! DD6 is terrified (she is a worry wart anyway) - gotta get her ready!!

I think we will go to pop & drop bags, maybe swim, explore pop. then grab a bus and go to DTD for lunch (wgp or earl - we are already planning on both so this will be fun to possibly do one twice), and then maybe explore some other resorts for awhile, swim, check in, hang out & order pizza. we won’t do pop pizza, don’t worry!!

we can make it an early night, so we can be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning for MK!!!


Yay!! I am excited for you!! I know I felt very relieved once I had our same situation all figured out!! It is a weight off your shoulders.
My daughter is a little nervous about flying, too. Maybe I shouldn’t have let her watch the movie Castaway!!!


I’m not that great of a flyer myself, but Airtran offers headphones for their Satellite Radio that really helped me get through the flight with no worries.:happy:



CAN’T WAIT FOR THE TR!! :laugh: :laugh: