What would you do?


I am looking to go to WDW next year in nov now… I just looked online and this is what I came up with…

Option one… 11/26-12-5 2 adults and 2 kids with DDp at pop $2980 and some change… Thats thanksgiving day in there


Option two 11/30 12/7 with DDp at pop for $2370 w food?

I need help


i would do option 2. Not only is it cheaper. But it is after Thanksgiving and the crowds will be a lot smaller.


I would go for the second option. Thanksgiving is very crowded and the price difference is quite a bit. Especially since you have food included in Option 2.

I am going the same week as your second Option this year. The dates I will be there are check in on 11/30 and check out on 12/8.

I will file a report on crowd sizes and ease of getting on attractions when I return if that will help.


Id say option two. For me the money saved is a lot. After Thanksgiving will be less crowded also.


I would do option #2 it’s cheaper and we love anytime after Thanksgiving to Christmas


Option 2! it will give you more money for souvenirs, and more time to shop by not having to wait in all the long lines!


I have to agree that option 2 sounds like a better deal. As most people said, Thanksgiving is very crowded and the week following it can be a very festive time with lower crowd levels.

Good luck making your choice.


I agree with everyone else, I would go for option #2.


I am saying option one only to go against the grain…:laugh:

kidding…the only one that even makes any sense at all is option two. Why pay more and have longer lines etc?? It makes zero sense. Option two is the only choice.


I would go with option 2 also. With option 2 you get everything you are looking for in option 1 only for cheaper. Unless you are really set on going for thanksgiving I would pick option 2.


Completely agree. Option #2. Same reasons.


number 1 is the better deal. I hope I read that correctly. And if I have, and both have the DDP included like you wrote, it has to be #1 that stay is 3 days longer :blink:


Does the first one not have the food option?

Whatever you do, I’d book early. The early December timeframe actually gets busy at the resorts (in part due to the Pop Warner). It also can be hard to find discounts at that time. But it’s a great time to be there. The parks are moderate, definitely not as slow as they were a number of years ago. Early December used to be Disney’s best kept secret, but not anymore!



Option 2 - you only lose 2 days but you save almost $600. That’s alot of shopping!


Ok all!! Im so sorry that Im sooo blonde and nuts!!! :laugh: we have talked it over and we as a 2 family unit (my DH myself and my 2 DD’s) plus (DSister bfriend and son) all came to the conclusion that we will go 12-26-07 1-1-07 only beacause we wont have to take the kids out of school which I dont care anyways but we will have longet time to pay for it and we all get $$$ for xmas from our parents so we should be able to have xtra $$… My sister soon to be husband will NOT leave his grandparents for the holidays(mommas boy?) so if we went the week after thanksgiving we should just wait another 2 weeks for christmas…


You are going to enjoy all the holiday decorations!! Just be prepared for huge crowds, I think that’s one busy week.


Thats what Im afraid of but I think that we can make it work. At least I hope so:happy: Are the christmas decorations up at that time? Will MVMCP still be going on?


yes they are. i believe they are up in the middle or end of Nov. we always go around the time you are aiming for.


The decorations are still up then but the last MVMCP event is 12/21/07 I believe.


Thanks! :heart: