What would you do?


Okay, so I have posted before about the exorbinant fares for travel from Boston to Orlando during April vacation week when my cousin is planning her WDW trip. I have been checking essentially every day for months and the fares have never gone below $400 for the dates she wants to travel. Right now, the cheapest she can get is $413.50 per person for 1 stop flights on AirTran from 4/17-4/24 and the times on the flights are not great. She wouldn’t get into Orlando until almost 10:00 on Thursday night. That seems insanely high to me for flights that aren’t even direct!

I checked seat availabilty for Delta and Airtran and there are still about 200 seats on nonstop Delta flights on Thursday, 125 seats on nonstop flights on Friday. Airtran has about 50 seats on nonstop flights on Thursday and about 175 seats on 1 stop flights on Thursday so it seems like there are still a fair amount of seats left. I can’t check the seat availability on JetBlue without actually booking, or at least I haven’ t figured out how to do it.

My cousin is getting anxious because she has everything else booked but her airfare but she also doesn’t want to pay over $400 per person to get down there if she doesn’t have to. I am nervous that because it is vacation week here, the airlines will just keep the prices high and hope that people bite.

So, basically, my question is, what would you do? Bite the bullet and pay the $400 for lousy flights and hope that a sale doesn’t come up in 2 weeks that makes your flights a whole lot cheaper, or wait it out?

Ugh, I hate airfare!


I say leave from providence or Hartford and fly southwest- then if there is a ding fare you can at least bank the credit for another trip. Otherwise you can offer via priceline for how much she is willing to spend and see what the dice roll


I have to agree with trying to get a SW flight. We drive 2 hrs. to get to an airport that flys SW because they have such awesome fares & dings. Sign up for DING if you haven’t already.


I just looked it up for you Continental is offering
Dates 4/17-4/24 for $293.00 per person. The times don’t look to bad.
It does have 1 stop though. I hope you find what you are looking for. I am also going to check Spirit Airlines for you.


Ok Airtran has some flights for 279.00 per person. That is the cheapest that I could find. Hope this helps you.


Karen I would also check later tonight. Wednesdays are usually good days to get airfare. What other airports are close to Boston?


I just looked at AirTran again and I’m still coming up with the same $400+. What were the times on the $279 flights?

I’ll have to look at the Continental site today. Thanks.


On Jetblue website:

Unfortunately, on those dates the cheapest going south is $279.00, with $129.00 return.

That’s 418.00, with you departing multiple flights into New York…
And returning on the 6:05 a.m. flight the 24th out of Orlando.


Hang on let me look again. I will give you flight numbers this time.


Ok here is what I found. Price is 293.00 per person

Continental is the cheapest right now Flight # 1470
April 17th Depart BOS 9:55 am
1 stop in Cleveland

Arrive MCO 4:37 pm

April 24th Depart MCO 6:00 am United FLight 1558
Stop in DC
Arrive at BOS 10:16 am

I found these flights on Orbitz. But don’t book through
Orbitz. Book Directly with Continental To avoid booking fees.


take that fare and then offer a little more than half of that price to priceline and see if they take it- chances are good that they will- they always have for me


Yes they just might especially since the times are not that desireable!


try flying from Manchester, NH. . .might be some good deals.

never tried priceline for airfare, anyone had luck booking for 5 people?


I am currently shopping for airfare myself and the prices I am seeing are not promising…it’s not what is used to be that’s for sure. I used to be able to get to orlando for under $380 for two of us…not the case this time around. The cheapest I have seen is $460…to high in my opinion. Price line scares me…you can’t choose the times. I don’t like having times picked…I’d rather pay more…lol


I know the time scares me too. But you will save a bundle if you are booking for 5 or more. Almost enough to pay for airfare for the next trip.


Priceline for airfare…never thought about it. Anyone ever use them for international flights? (I’m actually thinking of Nassau, Bahamas for May but the fares are too high at about $400 right now)


Kim, take a look at the Sunday Travel section of the newspaper. They usually have deals with some of the companies like Apple Vacation or MLT Vacations. Sometimes they have deals as low as 98.00 RT if you book hotel package.


We actually had to plan another trip for April vacation because it would cost too much to go to Disney. Southwest was still about $400 out of Providence. Way too much for a family of five. Our flights over the summer were half that. I never thought to try priceline.


Have her check Southwest out of Providence. I just checked it and they have a few flights for $89 each way. She may need to play around with the dates, but this is the first I have seen.


they also start doing ding fares for the next month or two around now- They will start to ding March in the next few ones Im sure.