What would you do?


Well we are looking at vacation options for 2009 and we have a few ideas of things we want to do, and i would like your alls opinion.

The options we are looking at…

7 Night Alaska Cruise
4 day land, 3 day sea with the Disney Cruise Line
7 Day Caribbean Cruise

We have never been on a cruise before. My number one choice of the three options is the Alaska Cruise. But not only is it the most expensive option just for the cruise but the airfare to get to and from the cruise is going to be outrageous as well.

And since we have never been on a cruise before, what if we don’t like it. So that is why i think the 7 day land/cruise trip would be a better fit.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


I think you should do the land/sea option with the sea part first if you can. Do the shortest, least expensive cruise this time. If you like it, plan for a longer, more epxensive one next time.


Alaska :heart: There’s a place everyone should visit at least once. Go to Alaska :wub:


land/sea WDW yeah


My DH and I were just talking about this 5 minutes ago. We are going to look into an Alaska cruise also.


Is there an option for a land/sea Alaska cruise?


My MIL went on an Alaskan cruise and loved it! I’m sure it would be fabulous.

But a land & sea would be hard to resist too :slight_smile:


not with Disney :wink:


Well, i lived there for 3 years…


My dh won’t cruise so I have never been, but we have friends that take a cruise every other year and the Alaska cruise is their favorite. They said it was outstanding. But if this is your first, maybe you should do the Disney sea/land just in case you don’t like cruising. Not everyone does.


You lucky man.


While I would love the Alaska cruise…you say you lived there, so I would pick 7 day carribbean…I just went on one in October to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Roatan Honduras on the Carnival Legend…we had a great time! However, you may want to take the shorter cruise just to make sure you like it…we took a 4 day our first cruise, and obviously we liked it.
I was not help at all…sorry!


I think all of your options are wonderful!! We love to cruise, but we don’t take the Disney one, because I don’t think they have a casino, and we love our black jack!!

If you do the 7 day land/sea, I would do the land part first, then the sea (if it’s a choice)…we like to do it that way, because after a few days at Disney, it’s great to relax in the spa on the cruise. My feet, body and spirit come home refreshed!

Have fun choosing!! Can’t wait to hear your decision.


We’re going to choose the land/sea cruise for our first.
Having lived there, wouldn’t you want to check other things out first? So my second choice would be Caribbean Cruise.
Myself, Alaska doesn’t appeal but my DH is OBSESSED and would love to drag me along for it, even to live. (something about the untamed whildreness that menlive for…) No thanks! So we’ll do that eventually, eventually…eventually!


that was my thinking exactly. I chose the 4 day parks/ 3 day sea because I don’t even know if I like being on a boat. And the parks are first.

Back to Brandon’s “problem” I agree with Cozzy, whatever she wrote :blush:


I would take the 7 day land/sea option. This way, you can see if you really do like cruising! Then the following year, you can do a 7 night cruise somewhere else. I’d do a 3 night land followed by a 4 night sea vacation. After 3 nights of parktouring, it’s nice to have the relaxing cruise to end the vacation. There really is NOTHING like a cruise, in my opinion. :wub:

My family is going on our first cruise 2 weeks from Sunday! (I’ve been on cruises before, but DH and the kids have not) We are going to Port Canaveral, Nassau and Grand Bahama. It was really reasonably priced and I hope DH LOVES cruising!!! (so I can book our next one…:laugh: )

Good luck deciding!!!


I hope you enjoy your cruise! I’ve done that one, and it was really good. The kids will love it - and take advantage of “kid’s club” if they have it. It was my DS’s favorite part!:blush:


My partner has never been there and i would love to show him the places that i have been to and the beauty of the state. I would have loved to have kept on living there. But it is too expensive and unless you are a fisherman the jobs just arent there. When i lived there it was while i was in the Coast Guard.


I am pretty sure we are going to do the 4 nights land, 3 nights cruise with the land being at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I am hoping to book it this weekend.


YAY!!! :happy: