What would you do?


During our trip, we overheard two guest make poor planning mistakes. One a mom was telling her child, “we have to get over to toon town”. I thought …:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: The other was by Soaring about 5 in the evening, a mom was telling her child, we have to go in here to get a fast pass…again :ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: I didn’t say anything, but should I? Would you??


nope… not trying to be rude, but they will think that you are the idiot (you are not, btw). Let them learn for themselves…


I remember a yrs ago when space ship earth was down for a rehab, a family is going toward saying “there it is , there it is :happy:…oh, it’s closed:crying:”…It just seems so sad.

And thank you for confirming I’m not a idiot. Once in awhile, I’m not sure.:tongue::laugh:


Nope, I wouldn’t stop someone to tell them that. If we were sitting waiting for a parade I might say something because we chat with people around us while we wait but that’s about it.


I probably would. I’m a jabber jaw. Totally drives my kids nuts that I talk to people I don’t know all the time, any time. Figured we are losing so much face to face communication with texts, etc. that its nice having a real conversation with someone, and helpful advice just opens the door to that.


I would tell them…I’m a jabber jaw myself and a bit nosey.


Depends. If we were in a position like standing next to each other in line or sitting beside someone on a bench just to pass time I may offer info on the Toontown statement since that’s something that cannot be changed no matter what, and wouldn’t want the little one’s to be crushed once they got there. But on a quest for FP’s I wouldn’t because we all know how Disney magic can make things happen. I’ve gotten fp’s from a CM for Peter Pan at 9pm in July when they’d been gone for hours.
If either conversation were heard while in motion I wouldn’t say anything at all as i’d feel like I was stalking or being a buttinsky :laugh:


I’ve been known to correct people before. Not in passing but if they are behind me in line, beside me at a parade etc. Out of the maybe 10 times I’ve done this, 9 times the people were very appreciative that I saved them wasted time. Only ran into one know it all that didn’t want to listen and was miffed.


Ok, I am devastated, you mean ToonTown is gone ! ! !

Please tell me the Barnstormer will be back, I had planned on that being my DGS first coaster!


BTW, I might have said something if they seemed open to it. Hard call on that one! Of course I am the guy who will walk up to you as you are taking a picture of your family and ask you if you want to be in it and then take the picture for you.


Yes Harry Toontown is gone forever and is being replaced by Circus Tents with activities and the area will also have 2 Dumbo rides. Barnstormer is staying, the only thing from Toontown so your safe but it will be re-themed as a Casey type coaster.


I’ve been thinking.
At first I thought I’d tell them no matter where this occurred.
On further reflection, I would on any line or queue, on any transport conveyance, or if we were standing near each other waiting for an event.
If I were to overhear them in passing, I think I’d probably continue on my way. But then again, I might stick my nose in regardless because I’d hate to see someone trudge all the way to the other side of the park for nothing.


I have the same problem, so I would do the same.


I would, have and probally will do it again. I can’t help it…:blush:


Me too.:laugh: I mean, I wouldn’t run after them or anything, but if they were standing right next to me…I like to talk to people - you’re so right about face to face communication. Texting drives me absolutely insane! I can’t count the number of people - not just kids - we saw texting constantly in the parks. I do admire how they can manage to text and walk at the same time.


Llama, we are two peas in a pod!:laugh:


I probably would not have said anything to them, but I would have leaned into my husband, darted my eyes the way of the people and said “Rookie”:eek::laugh:

I never ceases to amaze me how may people travel (anywhere, not just WDW) and do not do their pre-trip homework. I mean come on people it makes for a much smoother and more enjoyable trip.