What would you do?


We have used the same car company several times and have recommeded them to many of our friends that are “First time WDW-ers”. When we got off the plane on our last trip, we accidentally went to the wrong spot to pick up our luggage. We immediately knew our mistake and went to the right baggage carrousel area. We are fast walkers so I know this did not take us anymore than maybe 4-5 minutes.
On our way I got a phone call from our driver wondering where we were. No problem I thought, we were practically right there in front of him by the time we ended the call.
We had a scheduled grocery stop, which we completed in less than 15 minutes. (I swear DH is the fastest grocery shopper ever.)

[B]Here’s the problem[/B]: When we were driving on the main freeway (don’t know what it’s called), the driver was speeding, really speeding. I asked him if he was running late. He told us that we made him late. His driving speed was between 75- 85 miles per hour. I am not used to seeing only miles on the spedometer since I’m accustomed to km/hr. But this seems pretty darn fast. We were passing everybody!:eek:

Not sure if it’s normal for people to drive that fast on that highway but it bothered me that he made us feel like it was our fault.
We were at the back of the plane, so I know that it took us longer to deplane than if we were at the front but that’s not our fault.
Also, we had to wait for our luggage for at least 5 minutes (maybe 10) after we got to the baggage area [I]anyway[/I].

While we were on our vacation, I tried to call the company to inform them, but did not get through and did not leave a message. DH said to let it go but I wonder if I should follow through on this. What do you all think?


…at the very least I certainly wouldn’t use that company again. They should schedule with lots of time in between. What if your plane had been late??? There’s nothing they can do about that.

There are several other car companies that people here recommend. (We always use ME so I can’t help you much.) Before ME, we used Florida Town Car and the owner always picked us up—very good service but it’s been YEARS since we have used them—i can’t vouch for their service anymore.


Surely the driver had dealt with delays at the airport before - and you weren’t even delayed! You have no need to apologize for situations beyond your control. As for speeding - absolutely no excuse for it. (I’m pretty sure 85 mph is over 120 km!) If you were uncomfortable with the speed he should have slowed down and kept his mouth shut. I know it’s not fun to start a vacation by having to call and complain about a driver - but you’d be well within your rights to do so. You’re not being “mean” if you place a complaint with the company - I’m sure they want to give their customers the best service possible and they can’t do that if they don’t know what happened. I would let them know - and depending on their response, you can decide whether you want to use them again.


It’s the first time we have ever not loved the service, but I would have a hard time recommending them now. DH says he does not want the guy to get fired, but I’m just not happy with what went down, it was weeks ago and it’s still bugging me.


I just google the conversion and he was going 125 - 138 km/hr. Yep, pretty fast! I think I will have to follow through and let the company know next week.


I think you do need to follow-up.

Remember- YOU weren’t the one speeding, he was, and any repercussions are the result of his actions, not your follow up.


[QUOTE=Andrea;1132268]I think you do need to follow-up.

Remember- YOU weren’t the one speeding, he was, and any repercussions are the result of his actions, not your follow up.[/QUOTE]

Very true.


I would have reported him. Someone could have been injured or killed if a accident happened. The police would have given him a ticket if they pulled him over, he was braking the law and if he has a bad driving record he will be fired. Everyone’s safety is not something thrown out the window because of this idiot might be running late. That’s my opinion.


I agree, your safety should come first. You need to contact the company and report him.


What is the posted speed limit? Sorry, I don’t remember.

I don’t know what I would do to be honest. I had a instance with Tiffany Towncar that made me never use them again and it was similar to this except heading back to the airport. I never used them again, but I did call it in either. There is not excuse for breaking the law, but knowing what the speed limit is and how much they were over would matter to me. If it was 5-10 mph over the limit, it wouldn’t even occur to me. If it was 15- 20 over it, I would have serious issue.


Not 100% sure, but I think I saw a sign for 50. And as I said we were litterally passsing everybody. I am going to call them for sure. After hearing from all of you, I no longer doubt if I’m doing the right thing.


Yeah, it the limit was 50 and he was doing 75-85, I would definitely call. That’s outrageous.


Like I said, I’m not 100 % sure, but pretty sure if yoiu know what I mean. I even googled the limit on the road that we were on and it looks like I’m remembering correctly. Anyway, I’ll wait till tomorrow so I’m not calling on a weeekend, but I will call and see what they say.


I would call and report him. Next time he is speeding with customers, they might not be as lucky as your group was. The service/or him needs to leave more time between pick ups, you never know what is going to happen with a flight.


Yes I was surprised that he was concerned about time. Why wasn’t there more time between pickups was exactly what I was thinking too. As I said before, we have always loved this particular car service in the past, but DH said not sure if we would use them again or try someone new. Too bad because, people at work & friends come to me for advice (which I in turn get from here), and I have always recommended this company.


I spoke with the company owner and I have been reassured that they have reminded the driver involved about speeding, and that it will not happen again with other guests. I do feel better for the other people who use the service, and I trust him when he says it has been delt with. I have always liked them in the past and do feel like a load has been lifted on my mind. It was really bugging me about was other families had the potential to experience with this driver, especially with small children.


Good for you. Who knows what could have happened if you remained silent. You might have saved someones life. Let’s hope the driver takes his time and drives safe. Thanks


I do believe he will from now on as I am know the company has explained that it was unacceptable. They have been in contact with me and I am certain all is better now.


The highway speed limits in that area are 55 to 65. If you were heading down I4 at 85 that could be a serious issue.

I generally take 417 around to the parks which is 65mph. People generally travel 70 to 75mph. I4 is different because the volume of traffic and can get seriously backed up quickly coming to a stop. Those types of speed get reported on the traffic report as accidents.


I’m glad that you stood up for yourself, and am equally pleased that the driver is being dealt with. There is no telling how many times he has done this before with other customers and was just never reported.