What would you have done?!


In June, we visited Disneyland. GREAT trip, but one bad memory keeps haunting me so I thought I’d get all of your opinions and/or related experiences.

We like to ride Splash Mountain right before close so we can go back to the hotel and dry off! So, at 9:55 my 4 year old DD and I enter the line. The line was VERY long, and the sign said a 70 minute wait. There were three teenage boys in front of us. Seemed nice enough, but not too bright (they had difficulty determining the winner of a three-way game of rock/paper/scissors). Behind us were some 20-something folks who were whooping it up (but not in a bad way - just having a lot of loud fun).

We had waited in line for about 40 minutes, and came to the point were the line just about enters the mountain and the rope dividers start. Just then, three people (two guys and a girl all in their thirties), lifted the rope and step in right in front of me and my DD! The rock/paper/scissor kid was still close to me, and I asked him “Did you see that?” and he just shrugged.

So, I tapped the line-jumping-chickie on the shoulder. She turned around and I said, “Are you for real? Line jumping in front of us?”

She got REALLY nervous and said, “Oh well, uh, you can go in front of us.” The three of them went behind DD & me.

ME: “That doesn’t make it OK. We have been waiting a VERY long time.”

Line Jumper guy 1: “Well, we tried to get in the line at 10:00, and they wouldn’t let us.”

ME: “That’s because they are closing, and that is a lousy excuse. I’m trying to teach my four-year-old right from wrong, and when people like you break the rules it is hard for her to understand.”

Line Jumper guy 1: “But they wouldn’t let us in line.”

ME: “Not my problem. Or all of these other people’s problem who have waited for 40 minutes.”

Line Jumper guy 2: “But we were there before 10:00 and they wouldn’t let us in line.”

ME: “You said that. Still doesn’t make it OK. You should come back tomorrow.”

Obviously, they weren’t moving so I turned around. And stewed. And stewed.

FINALLY, we get to the front of the line. This is the part where the CM asks you how many in your party and then directs you to the right log line. So when the CM asked me how many in my party I said, “Two. And there are three line-jumpers behind me.” She IMMEDIATELY grabbed the robe and clicked it shut in front of them.

We walked up the incline to wait for our log. Minutes later, the CM came over and said that they denied line-jumping (duh), and that the people behind them (the partying 20-year-olds) said they didn’t see them cut. I explained to her the cut in front of me, and then let me go ahead when I confronted them, so the people behind them wouldn’t have seen them. I told her to ask the rock/paper/scissor kids. She did, and came back to tell me that the boys got all nervous because they thought she was accusing THEM of line-jumping (like I said, not the sharpest knives in the drawer)! So she couldn’t get anything out of them. She said she believed me, but couldn’t do anything without corroboration. So the line jumpers got to ride.

Am I silly for letting this bother me? I just would NEVER do anything like that, and it upset me that my child has to witness cheating and lying go unpunished first hand!

Anything I should have done differently?


Things like that bother me too!!! Especially when you are trying to teach a young child right from wrong!! I probably would have done exactly what you did even tho it did not help!! Good try tho!!!


I’m exactly like you and have done similar (and I have to admit, MUCH worse) to line jumpers. However I am always wound up afterwards and my family suffers. So now I just let it go. For the sake of being two or three places further back I don’t have a spoiled day or even worse. In the big scheme f things it’s no big deal. Just tell your kids that such behaviour is unacceptable and they’ll know.

I don’t have a bad temper, in fact I am quite cold blooded in these things, but I almost ruined our entire holiday to Portugal by nearly being denied entry onto the flight because I wanted to ‘deal with’ a guy who had crossed the line of acceptability.

It is VERY hard, but I’ve come to accept that a chill pill cures all. I always reward myself when I feel I haven’t risen to the bait. If you do then you’re generally the loser. Now if they’d been abusive to me or my family then the game moves up a notch! :ninja:


I sure hate that happened to you and your child. Just remember, YOU set the good example by 1. Acknowledging the improper behavior and 2. Comfronting in a polite but specific way. That’s what your child will remember!


I am sorry this happened to you on your vacation. However, life is too short to let things like this get the best of you and spoil a good vacation. We have had people cut in line in front of us more than once but I let it go so that I have a nice day. The only one who gets upset is the person being cut in front of, those people had a good night but you are still bothered by it.

The best thing I have done as a parent and a teacher is learning to pick my battles. I let the small stuff go and only worry about the big things. I am so much happier and life is better this way.

Your child will be fine. Kids are smart, your daughter already knows cutting in line is wrong and this incident didn’t change that.

Let this go and focus on the many positive parts of your vacation.


It would bother me too!!! Especially if I had waited that long for SM, which I would never do!!! I am steamed just thinking about it.


Well Duchess in my past experiences at DL and WDW this has happened be 4. But I just let it go because I know theres really nothing you can do about it and the last thing I would want is to get into a giant arguement over 3 more ppl in front of me and ruin my trip at the Happiest Place on Earth (DLR) or at The Most Magical Place on Earth (Thats my logo for WDW), to me its no biggy. So next time I would just let it go and just enjoy being in the park and just let it go, but this is just my opinion. :slight_smile:


I think you did what you could. I’m sure your daughter knows that what those people did was wrong.


i don’t tolerate line-jumpers very well. weren’t they taught in early age to wait their turn? i guess not if they insist on line-jumping. i never experienced that at an amusement park but i have at school for the financial aid line. i remember one day waiting to hand in some paperwork. that’s all i had to do was drop paperwork off. i waited in line for what seemed like forever, which was in actuality 25 minutes. the line behind me was still long. i was two people away from merely dropping my paperwork off when some kid comes out of nowhere and goes straight up to the window. as soon as the woman at the window left, he cut in front of another woman to drop his paperwork off. oh boy did the fireworks start with that woman! they got into this huge argument about him cutting in front of us all. like a jerk, he thought he didn’t do anything wrong and tried to defend himself. he kept saying he was in a rush and just had to drop the paperwork off. i remember the woman yelling, " we have paperwork to drop off too, but you don’t see us cutting in front of each other." he even threatened her to continue the nonsense outside.
sorry i got off subject but i know how you feel. but, without that woman having that argument with the kid, he still would’ve been there. she gave him a piece of her mind, that’s for sure. so, the next time someone tries to line-jump, you give them a piece of your mind, but not in a way that’ll scare any little ones. do it in a calm manner and sure enough everyone else on line will join with you to get rid of the line-jumpers.


I think it stinks that Duchess ended up standing on an island.

Why bother to have lines if there’s no penalty for jumping? Why is it that there are so many people are are unwilling to point out or stand up when someone’s breaking the rules?

I’m saddened at these examples of rudeness in society.

Duchess, you did the right thing. However, next time, if you think you might end up not being corroborated, don’t bother. anaheimboy is right, don’t let a handful of ne’er-do-wells ruin your trip. :mickey:


This is why we need to speak up.

I think you did the right thing. And doesn’t WDW have at least 50 signs on every ride that line jumping will not be tolerated? I think the time of day made a difference. Two o’clock in the afternoon with a bunch of parents in line - someone would have back up your story. Say something next time…just don’t let it ruin your day!!


You did right! We had a run-in like yours, but I had to keep my Disney Cool and let it go.


You did nothing wrong. You handled it the best way possible. Here’s the CM’s problem though: it’s the end of a very long day, she wants to go home. A confrontation with these people who are making it “your word against theirs” could potentially make her night longer. No one is sticking with what happended, so it’s going to be a BIG issue if she confronts them again. I think she just wanted the situtation to go away. I can almost understand her point. At the end of the night when I am closing my store after a 12 hour shift, the last thing in life I want is a problem. The line jumpers should have been repremanded, but the embarrassment of being called what they were and questioned by a CM had to have some effect. Perhaps they won’t be so quick to do it again. I would have been as angry as you and would have hanndled it in the same fashion. Short of making a citizens arrest, you did everything that was in your power to do. You taught your child the lesson. Relax about it now…sorry you had to go through that. Some people are ridiculous. :confused:


Don’t let it bother you,we all handle situations likethis differently ,I personally speak up and tell them the line starts back there and IF they lined up late i might have some mercy but I would check with others around if they thought it was OK but lets say this happens with ten seperate groups then we are being unfair to the workers and we are breaking unwritten rules of conduct …but you have nothing tobe ashamed of and DON’T worry about it…