What would you put on a "Vintage Disney" soundtrack?


Baloo and I were talking about this the other day as we were listening to the latest Disney parks soundtrack…

We would really love to see a “Vintage Disney” soundtrack. We want the song from Dreamflight! What would you put on it?


Has it got to be park music? If not my fave oldie is Ugly Bug Ball from the Disney movie ‘Summer Magic’-


No rules! It’s your Vintage Disney soundtrack! :happy:

I love that song! I’m also partial to the “Pretty Irish Girl” song from “Darby O’Gill & the Little People”.


I don’t know if this is vintage but the oboe que music from PotC WDW, most all the ToT que music, and for a change up the classic entrance tunnel que music for SM.


“Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from Mary Poppins. And “Feed the Birds”. I loved the songs in that movie.


Wish upon a star, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, So this is Love, oh and the Tiki birds… ( I know that they are over done, but they are classic Disney to me… Like when I am on hold.)


Im not sure if these would be classed as vintage, but theyre classic MUST HAVE songs for me…
“Baby Mine” from Dumbo
“Someday my prince will come” from Snow White
the “Heigh Ho” dwarf song
Im not sure what its called, but the marching song in Fantasia when Mickey is instructing all the brooms to carry the water for him
“When you wish upon a star” from Pinocchio
“Spoon full of sugar” from Mary Poppins
and “The circle of life” from the Lion King


I have been know to burst into “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” at the most inappropriate moments…or that is what the stare I get from my DW means.


I have an aunt who is a Disney nut, and she kind of turned me into the Disney nut I am today. I remember going to her house when I was little and she would be playing one of two record albums: Mainstreet Electric Parade or Bear Country Jamboree. For me, the music from the MEP or BCJ is vintage Disney, so those are the first things that came to my mind when I first read this thread. I’ll I have to think about it to see if I can come up with more.


Every one has a laughing place and Zip - a - dee -doo -dah!!! Love those songs more because of Splash Mountain than Song of the South though.


Zip- A Dee- Do Dah, Tip for today!


C’mon Tigger - let’s sing together!

“Let’s go fly a kite…up to the highest height
Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up in the atmosphere, up where the air is clear
[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Oh let’s go fly a kite!”[/FONT]


This brings back so many memories from our very first trip to WDW! I miss it so much now! Its vintage to me :happy:


One of our favorite is the song you hear at the end of the show at Epcot American Adventure.


Ok so this thread has made me crack open the subsonic.com streaming radio. They have a new (well new since I have been there last) stream of instrumental park area music (background station). Also they have a new iPhone app that allows you to stream to your phone.


I :heart: that song! I just love the whole American Adventure experience from listening to The Voices of Liberty to that ending song! I have chills just thinking about it. I would add that song to my list too.:happy:


Ok this is the last time I mention something cool on MB. The service has been busy all afternoon…Thanks guys :fork_off:


OMG! Tigger…thank you so much! Just got the app…LOVE IT!! :flowers:


This is even better news then finding out that my cable box just died and I might have to wait tell Monday to have it replaced. :fork_off:

(I might have to spend all weekend at Disney…can’t watch TV and can’t listen to Disney music streams because some people have to hog them from me…:ph34r:)


Well then… march your little self to the parks and enjoy the real thing… just don’t rub it in. :slight_smile:

The rest of us might be hot and sweaty from the summer heat, but we are not having any fun at WDW…