What you like better espn zone or disneyquest


i think espn zone i it make better because espn is belong to disney.


Our boys 15/12 would stay there for the whole trip if we let them!! Disney Quest for sure!! :happy:


Disney Quest :mickey:


All of this ESPN zone talk is REALLY bumming me out. Is this for real, rumor, or what?

i am a little disenchanted. :dry:


I’ve never been but its in the plans to visit this year. I will vote when I get back. :tongue:


Disney Quest. We went for the first time in January, and I have to admit our kids had a blast.


Disney Quest. Our family has to go at least once every trip–usualy alot more than that!


Disney Quest !!!

I love to build my own rollercoasters !!!


I have only been to DQ twice, and thought it was fun. Not something I’d do every trip, since I have a preschooler and a new born (wait, she’s almost 1 already!!! :eek: )

But ESPN Zone at DTD. OK, it seems like a decent idea at first glance, right? But isn’t there ALREADY an ESPN Zone on the Boardwalk??? Why would they put ANOTHER one at DTD? I know the one at DTD will be much bigger, but STILL. Will the one on the Boardwalk continue to do as well as it does, or will that soon be torn down to make way for a new restaurant/entertainment area?

Things that make you go HMMMMMMM… :dry: