What you need to know and do before planning a 2018 Walt Disney World vacation


I just finished an article about what has changed and is changing at Walt Disney World, and what you need to know before you ever start planning your upcoming Disney vacation. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.



Your article had a lot of good advice in it. I’m sad the discounts are declining but not surprised. It make me glad we bought DVC years ago but we sometime add a night at the beginning of our trip in a regular room and always look for a discount.

I’ve read report after report about declining attendance in the parks but I’m just not seeing it. Last year we spent 18 days at WDW and every single day seemed more crowded than previous trips. I guess I need to adjust my thinking moving forward. We still enjoy the parks but we do like to hang out at the resort and always plan plenty of breaks.

I guess I better book our regular resort for our first two nights soon and not wait for a discount to come out in the spring. I can always apply a discount if one comes out later.


The great thing about being a DVC owner (OKW since 1999) is that we are used to planning EARLY. That solves most of the problems.


Nice and interesting article Mickey. We have noticed the last few years that the parks are getting busier and busier all of the time and the “off season” does not exist any more. Not that you can depend on it, but you can still get great reservations at the 45 day mark as people firm up their plans, do not make the payments or cancel trips.
Our last 2 times down (September and this up coming December) I was able to get reservations at places such as Ohana’s, Cape May as well as others on short notice (boxed out at the 180 day mark), so I would just add that if you want to eat somewhere special, keep on trying as dreams do come true.


Disney now seems to have a run of some type about every other week. Do runners go down just for a day or two or extend their trips?

Also every party, every event seems have seem to have increase in numbers and length. Not too many years ago Food and Wine was Oct. Maybe a day or two over in Sept for a weekend start. Now it must be 8 or 9 weeks long.

I would not be surprised if Christmas in Epcot started mid Nov, two days after Food and Wine ends. The stands for food and wine could just be converted to selling Christmas goodies.


Going in April with DD#2’s school band…was kind of hoping for low crowds but I guess not? I hate that we won’t be staying on property and the travel agency won’t give out any reservation info until 30 days out…I’m gonna have a heck of a time trying to get dining reservations and FP’s.


If it helps any we got fastpasses for about 100 kids for all the good attractions at each park (pre Pandora)) at 30 days out for our band trip 18 months ago. The times weren’t exactly the same but we were all in the same hour.