What's a girl to do?



Tomorrow is the CaveyCelebration (which I can’t wait for)

It’s probably going to rain most of the day.

The children and I will be arrive around noon, and will be stalking Cavey’s family for a few hours.

I decided not to do EPCOT, because no one in my family has ever been, and I would love to wait, and experience it for the first time with Matt. He won’t be joining us tomorrow.

So, I’m thinking that the children and I will hit the MK and do Tomorrowland.

My question is, can I park at Ft. Wilderness since I’m visiting Cavey and Lil, first, and catch some form of transportation to MK when I am done torturing said family?

After that, can I get to Spoodles, and then back to my car at Ft. Wilderness?

I’m such a goob. I have no idea what to do, should I just drive my car and not leave it parked?
I hate the MK parking lot. :ninja:


I just want to say - this is totally not fair.

I was supposed to stay at Ft. Wilderness with Cavey and Lil. Yes, WITH. They offered up their tent for me to crash in. LOL. I was all for it. But couldn’t find someone to go with me. :sad: I’m calling them tomorrow to thank them for the offer. :heart:

As for your answer - I don’t know. lol, I just wanted to say how unfair this is. Wish would probably know.


If you come get me, I’ll be more than happy to show you around. :biggrin:


Yes I would try and park at FW. All they can say is no right. From FW take the boat to MK. Then Play :smile: From MK you can catch a bus to BW for Spoodles. Then Eat :smile: If it is not to late (after park hours) Catch the bus from BW back to MK and then the boat to FW. :smile:



i am no expert on this…BUT…
My aunt and cousins live in Lakeland, FL and have come to visit the Dave and I several times when we are there…all they have to do is tell the gaurd at the gate they are going to visit ____________ ( whoever the room reservation is under) and they usually give them a pass…they always look up the room ressie though…they have stayed and parked at the resort and we went and took the bus to DTD to eat and we were gone for several hours…so i THINK…as long as you have the right name under the reservation, you’ll be okay!


yeah, absolutely. My relatives that lived in Florida used to come “visit” our RV in Fort Wilderness all the time. There is a security booth when you are entering, just tell them you are coming to meet a guest. Having a site number probably helps, but as long as you tell them the names of the guests it’s not a big deal at all. If they question you at all. I don’t forsee ANY problems.


I wasn’t worried about parking at FW, I was wondering if that’s WHERE I should park, as in, the easiest for everything I need to accomplish.

I suppose I will just hafta go get DIsneyhog so he can show me around!! :laugh:

I think, what I’ll do, is park at the Boardwalk, since that is where I’ll be ending up at the end of the day. What do y’all think?

Boardwalk, to bus to FW, right? and then boat to MK, then bus to Boardwalk, to my car.

Thanks, Andrew, btw, for figuring this out for me. I’m so blonde sometimes!


omg, they are so nice, aren’t they!?
I wish you could of came down, I woulda hung out with you all day tomorrow!
Come on down! We can still do it! I’ll be there between 11-12.


Erin… I have a different plan for you:

Valet park your car at Boardwalk (it’s cheap!), take the bus to TTC and transfer to FW bus. Hang with everyone for the day, and after dinner, your car will be waiting for you just up the Boardwalk steps!


The only problem with this is that you can’t take a bus from BW to FW. You’d have to take it to the MK or TTC like Missdisney said.

Either way, I agree that you should park your car at BW, and not FW. This way, when your evening is over, at Spoodles, your car will be there. I don’t think that when you end the evening at Spoodles, with 3 tired kids, you’ll appreciate having your car all the way over at FW. You won’t be in the mood to be going from bus to bus or bus to boat at that pont.


Erin,my mother and I plan to do what Miss disney said. With our Disney Dining Experience cards,we get free valet parking. Park at Boardwalk and take bus to MK then boat to FW.


Wow Erin, you are so lucky! Have fun! I wish I was going to WDW today, instead I’m getting ready for a blizzard!


THanks, y’all!! :c)
I’m about to leave, now! Just waiting for the kids to get some last minute stuff together :c)

I’ll be back tonight to tell you all about Cavey!


Me too, they’re calling for 12 inches today. Have a great time Erin, I hope everything goes smoothly.


Have fun, Erin. I can’t wait to hear about the evening.