What's a girl to do?


First off let me start by saying I love :heart: Disney Central and read about 99% (a girl does have to work after all) of the threads on here. I tell my friend that I need to go to DCA (Disney Central Anonymous). I think I’m addicted I read this thing so much.

But the other day I was trying to read a thread started by Gingita, she got a job and I wanted to know all about it. So I got my weekly e-mail and there was a thread “I got a job” started by Gingita. I clicked on it (there was the anticipation as it loaded), the screen popped up (the anticipation was killing me at this point), and it said that the administrator has not allowed me access :confused: WHAT!?!?. So the confusion then set into determination, as I feverishly clicked on it, and clicked on it, and clicked on it, and clicked on it, (you get the picture) and it said the same thing every time. Then I said I will do a each for all threads started by Gingita. I was on a mission here. It WILL work for me. But alas it didn’t. So then I e-mailed BaaBee9/Sara (my bestest friend in the whole wide world) and she said “Works for me, you’re just a looser” :angry: :angry: :angry: Well Sara called me today to let me know it was in the chit chat session and you need over 100 posts.

I’ve been posting a lot lately and surely I thought I had to be close to 100, so I signed in all excited to see my close to 100 number. :sad: It’s only 33.

So to my question of the hour here, do I just go on a posting frenzy, I like to put quality posts on here, and not just post to post. So here is my Disney Central dilemma. What’s a girl to do?


Give it time, you will be at 100 posts before you know it. Keep reading and posting!!


Random question… I don’t know if you are the girl on the left or the right of your avatar but I just noticed that the girl on the right looks REALLY familiar to me. THEN I saw you are from Weston and I moved from SoFla to NJ recently, DH’s family all lives in the weston/coral springs/fort lauderdale area. Anyway, totally random but she TOTALLY looks like a girl I went to FAU with, did she?

PS: I am not the guy in my avatar, haha. My name is Jessica


Of course you know her Wish–who DON’T you know?
Seriously. :tongue: Bella :heart: Wish

Anyways…keep posting away…you’ll get to 100 before you know it!!

And, if you really can’t wait until you get to 100 to find out what happened to Ginger I am sure she wouldn’t mind if you Private Messaged her and ask her…she’s a real nice girlie…Happy Posting!


I like that attitude! :tongue:

Seriously, don’t just post to raise your post count. And sending a private email to Gingita is advice that I’d second.

This is supposed to be fun! :laugh:


I’m a slightly confused longtime lurker and rare poster… there are threads that can only be read if you have a certain number of posts here???

Peace & Pins,


Yep–100 sneaks right up on you! Keep posting though–we don’t see enough of you around here!!! :slight_smile:


Yes there is on area called “Chit Chat” that you can only see after you have posted 100 times. It is for misc. stuff but fun. :smile:


Post away! We would love to hear your input, and all about past trips you’ve taken.

Or upcoming trips! Tell us about those!


DF78, please answer this post. How are you?


and do you know wish?


Haha! Did you just ask that so she would have that extra post? So tell us, when is your next trip scheduled?


Wait wait wait, ok, I must be a little slow. I just realized you girls are the ones with the “Hoops & Yoyo” pictures. Now that I saw those she doesn’t look AS familiar too me. But WAIT, hoops & yoyo got to meet Tessa?!?! Did I miss something? How did hoops & yoyo get to meet Tessa before ME? :tongue:


Yeah, I agree… just enjoy the other threads and forums for awhile! You will get to 100 soon. “Posting for the sake of posting” can be a chore for you – I vote quality instead of quantity!
Welcome to DC!!! You will love it here!


I agree with this too. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get to 100 posts - and on the way you will get more acquainted with the DC members. Then when you get to ChitChat, you’ll be ready to jump right in. (BTW - I LOVED the trip reports with Hoops and YoYo!)


Thanks everyone for posting. I appreciate all the feedback. To answer the questions that were posted.

I am the other girl with Hoops and Yoyo posts.

I am always planning some type of vacation, but my next Disney vacation, and I just found this out a couple of minutes ago might be in June. Just a 2 dayer, like Erin does. I love your spur of the moment trips by the way.

But the next serious, serious Disney vacation is the 11 night Caribbean Cruise. The Hoops and Yoyo girls (Baabee9 and myself) are WAY excited to go. We are dressing up in pirate garb one night.

Wish Upon A Star, I am the one on the left. I actually just moved to Weston off of Glades Parkway or Arvida depends on how you know it, the beginning of April.

Hopefully that’s all the questions, but I am sure once I post this I will realize I’ve missed something. :wub:


That could have easily been spread out into 4 posts. Heehee!


Sadly enough I thought the same thing as I was typing away with that. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I am the girl on the right. I’ve lived in Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Dania Beach, Hallandale Beach, Sunrise and Davie (I have moved a lot!). I never went to FAU but I did go to BCC. I went to South Broward High School but graduated from McArthur High School in 1994. I currently live in North Carolina but am starting the process of moving back to Florida (relationship gone bad). I plan on moving to the Disney area! Now that everyone knows waaaaaay to much about me…


Too funny that I did exactly the same thing. Guess I’ll just have to wait for about 60 more posts. In the mean time I’ll just wish Ginger well and hope things are going her way. Maybe she might just see this and let us know where how she is doing herself.