What's an AP discount?


Yes, another newbie ? You all use these abbreviations and I’m trying to figure them all out. What is an AP discounted rate. And what kind of discounts do Florida residents get. My father lives not too far from DTD but we plan to stay at POFQ, I’ve made a reservation thru mouseketrips but should I have my Dad use his residency status to get a better deal?


I don’t know to much about the rest of your post, but if you scroll down to “please help” I just asked the same question about the AP rates. They get discussed alot on these boards and I was like, ok, I need to find out what they are! Good luck! :smile:


Ap discounted rates are Annual Passholder rates. If you have an Annual Pass you can get discounts on hotels. As for the rates for residents…it differs depending on time of year! Mouketrips should apply any discounts they get to your trip if they can!


definately ask Mousketrips what they think They will get you the best rate and different possbile scenerios to boot. Welcome to DC.


something else I found out today, unless your going to go more than once a year, it really isn’t worth it. I know we won’t be using it! We are lucky enough to go every 2 yrs. :smile:


Thanks again everyone, I will definitely ask mouseketrips and I could only dream of being an AP member!!!


I bought an AP last year just because of the room discount. I saved more for the 2 rooms I got than I paid for an annual pass. I’m going to use it again just because I love Disney but it was definitely worth it for one trip. We did stay six days last December so if you are staying less time, it might not work out the same for you.