What's better than a stay at the Disneyland Hotel?


I’ll tell ya! A stay at the Disneyland Hotel payed for by someone else!

I was elected to my union’s Board of Directors last month. I found out that this November the annual conference will be at the DLH!!! YES!!! :laugh:

So, hotel room will be paid for by my association and my family gets to come along. The only downer is while I am in a boring seminar for part of the day my family will be enjoying the park!!! :pinch:

Sometimes…life is good!! :blush:


The word here is “part of the day”. You get to enjoy the other part of the day at the parks along with your family.

Great stuff those conferences/seminars heheheh


That’s GREAT! :eek: :mickey:

And congrats!


That is wonderful news! Yippee!!!



Do they take attendance at them boring seminars? :laugh:


You are such a bad influence!:glare: Great idea:laugh: :laugh:


I would have a little sideboard with Goofy at Splash Mountain to get a firm grip on employee morale and also to follow up on the pirate’s grievances they plan to file against their shoddy management… :wink: :mickey:


A grand idea! What a way to multi-task:happy:


That’s not fair! :crying:

I am NOT a bad influence! :angry:

An instigator, maybe, but not bad! :wub:


I wish I could go to a work related seminar/conference at DL!!! :sad:

Anyways, congrats to you Goofy Daddy! :happy:


Hhmmm…now that you mentioned it, When I went to this conference several years ago, I don’t recall them taking roll at all…ever.:cool: :blink:

It’s bad enough the union president can’t stop all of us board members from bringing our families along to take advantage of the “free” room…I doubt he’d let me skate on the seminar/class too. :redface: I appreciate the suggestion though!!:laugh:


WAY COOL! :eek: It doesn’t get any better than that!!


Hey, nothing wrong with that Goofy Daddy! At least you can join your family in the parks after all the daily meetings, right?!