Whats Everybody's Favorite Resturaunt!


I’ve been dying to know what are Disney family food favorites! I’m a big believer over that the atmosphere of the resturaunt is half the battle. If you’ve got a awesome or beautiful or cute resturaunt chances are I want to eat there.

My favorites are Sci-fi Drive In and 50’s Prime Time Cafe.

What’s everyone elses!


I am with you.

Sci-Fi is a family favorite and tradition for all of our trips. Yes, mostly for atmosphere, but we like the food and shakes also.


I have never eaten at either one of those.
I love the Crystal Palace. Don’t know about my people though :laugh:


This is a tough one. I think for the atmosphere I like Crystal Palace. For the food choices, Tusker House at lunch. But I like Biergarten, too. Hmm. Like I said, this is a tough choice.


Oh so many to choose from! I would have to go with Crystal Palace. The setting and atmosphere are great and the food is good, too.


Magic Kingdom:
Pecos Bill
Pinocchio Village Haus

Hollywood Studios
Sci Fi
50’s Prime Time

San Angel (although reviews have not been good lately)
Rose & Crown
Liberty Inn
Cantina de San Angel

Flame Tree Barbecue

Big River Grille & Brewing (Boardwalk)
ESPN Club (Boardwalk)
Spoodles (Boardwalk)
Trails End (Fort Wilderness)
HDDR (Fort Wilderness)
Olivia’s Cafe (OKW)
Ohana (Poly)
Boatwright’s (POR)
Whispering Canyon (WL)

Earl of Sandwich
House of Blues

We have been quite limited due to picky kids. They are finally developing taste buds, so we will be trying some new places this trip.


hmmmm… my favorite restuarant i think is Whispering Canyon Cafe. Although we love Biergarten and Boma as well…


Our favorites are the Biergarten and Liberty Tree. Wish we were going to have lunch at either one today.:wub:


O’hana is our family fave…


We love Crystal Palace. It was both of our children’s first character meal so it holds a special place in our :heart:. It’s so beautiful inside and out. It also doesn’t hurt that the food is GREAT!


As of our last trip - I’d have to say Boma!


Oh my I have way many favorites

MK - Crystal palace
Epcot - Le Cellier
Resorts - Ohana’s

Food court POPCentury

these are just a few

Oh another one I just remembered Beaches and cream at the beach club


We love it all.


Favorites include:

Crystal Palace
Garden Grill

The boys favorite is Chef Mickey’s.


I like atmosphere - but the food has to be good. As we’ve gotten older (kids included) we’ve kind of left the crazy, noisy places behind. They were fun, but now we prefer quieter places. That being said, I’ll never say no to Biergarten. I wish the food was better at San Angel Inn, cause the atmosphere’s great.

For food I really like Flying Fish, Artist’s Point, Coral Reef and of course, Le Cellier.


Ohana breakfast


My favorites are:
but we’re trying new places this year so it may all change! I’m definetly going to try some of the others mentioned I haven’t tried yet.


We love CP. Also Le Cellier, and Ohana’s.


Well I can list a few favorites:
Whispering Canyon
Cali Grill
Coral Reef

We are trying some new places during free dining so my list may grow!


Sci Fi, Liberty Tree, and 1900 Park Fayre (breakfast) for us!