What's everyone's opinion on eating here?


Was just noticing that it was a Dining Plan Buffet/Character Meal. Sandy loves them. We are already eating at Crystal Palace the saturday morning after we arrive so i was thinking about calling in a ressie for Donald’s B’Fast.

any comments, thoughts or warnings? :redface:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Donald’s Breakfastosaurus - The Animal Kingdom features a character breakfast, called Donald’s Breakfastosaurus located at the Restaurantosaurus in Dinoland USA. Characters include Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Pluto. All you can eat buffet from 8:00am - 10:30am; cost is $18.99-A and $10.99-C. (Same day reservations may be available)


We’ve eaten there twice and really liked it each time!


Donald’s Breakfastosaurus used to be my favorite character dining. If you book one of the latest times offered, you get so much character interaction. We dined at 10:40, I believe, and we were one of the last families in there. Mickey and Donald hung out around our table and played around with us. We got to take tons of pictures, and the characters enjoyed dancing and playing around with us (I was 10, at the time).

Last time we went, we had an earlier breakfast, around nine. It was very crowded. The characters spent two seconds at our table. Took a quick pic and left (I forgot my autograph book in the hotel room… I already had their sigs, anyway). No interaction whatsoever. This might have been because I’m fifteen years old, now, instead of ten…


If you’re interested in Everest, get an 8:00 adr on a non-emh morning when the park doesn’t open until 9:00. You’ll be finished eating with a head start on the pack speed-walking to be first in line.


We’ve had breakfast there, I wasn’t impressed with the food, Crystal Palace was much better, but being able to experience the park before opening is wonderful


Thanks everyone…

what really surprised me was that this is actually listed as a counter service on the dining plan. Can anyone confirm if this is the only buffet/character breakfast as a counter service? I couldn’t find any others in my passporter book.


The only morning character they have (I think) is that one.

Take a look at this link, it gives you all the counter and sit downs in AK.



Breakfastsaurus is my DD favorite character meal and a must do every single trip. She swares it’s the best breakfast on property…honestly, it’s a cute little meal. I will only go there if I can get the first seating of the day. I want to be done and at the rope by 9am to get on EE.:angel: The service has always been top notch here for us.


I don’t think its counterservice tho! I could be wrong, but I would call and double check that!


You are correct…it’s not counter. Table only for breakfast. Lunch and dinner is counter and no characters.


We felt the same way. Not impressed. I found it to be alot like McDonald’s breakfast type food.

Crystal Palace is our favorite early morning breakfast. The food is fantastic and character interaction is super. There is no better way than to start your day at MK than at CP!:mickey:


We liked Donald’s much better than the Crystal Palace breakfast.


We enjoyed Donald’s Breakfastasauors or however you spell it!! We love to eat!!


Restaurantosaurus is counter service, basically an overgrown McDonald’s.
Donald’s Breakfastosaurus is a charachter buffet served every morning in Restaurantosaurus. Again, it’s a good suggestion to get an 8 AM reservation so you can hit Everest at park open at 9, though they do hold you at a rope in Dinoland until 9. What most people don’t know is they will cook your eggs to order in the kitchen, just ask your server.
Sometime later this fall, Breakfastosaurus will be ending and the character meal will become an all day affair at the renovated Tusker House which will be converted to a character buffet, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Both Crystal Palace and Donald’s are usual stops for us.


We love Donald’s! It is our favorite breakfast at WDW. The character interaction is short compared to others but we’ve always had a wonderful time. Definetly do the earliest seating we’ve done that twice. We head over to EE ride and get a FP. We’ve never waited more than 10 minutes for EE using this strategy.


I suggest the latest possible seating. Get to the park early. Ride EE, Kilamanjaro… then FP EE or Dinosaur or whatever. Go to breakfast around 10:30, eat, have a grand time. Then once you leave, your FP will be ready, and you can get right back to the rides. This way, you won’t need lunch at all. You can skip the lunchtime crowd and spend this time going to your favorite attractions. Late breakfast (more like brunch) is the best way to avoid the crowds.


I just made the ressie for Sept 20th but the CM told me it was 1 table credit. The passporter says it’s counter. Which is right? I told her i was under the impression that it was 1 counter credit and she said no, it’s definately Table.

Now i’m totally confused. I have my passport book right here and it says Donald’s Breakfastosaurus is a Buffet and it’s listed as counter service.


The breakfast is called Donald’s breakfastsaurus…it’s a table service character meal. After breakfast, it’s just a counter place that served mcdonals.


It is a table service. We were just there in May.


We’ve eaten at this location once and we thought it was okay. I may be the odd man out but I’ve enjoyed Crystal Palace and Chef Mickey better.