What's first


Everyone has what they do first when they get to WDW. Upon checking in to your resort, hotel or cardboard WDW box, what is the ONE thing you always do?

Mine is easy. After checking in, DD and I go to the food court and get something to eat. WE always get up at the crack of dawn for the first flight out and by the time we finally get to the resort and check in, we are starving!


It depends on if we are on site or off site. Onsite, we would just check out the resort first. We like staying at a different one each time we go so we can get the whole Disney feel. We love the expirence of all the resorts. Off site, we unpack and then head to the pools after checking out the place. The on the first night,whether we are on site of off site, we hit BW and the BC for an ice cream at BEACHES!!


checking in, hit the boat to DTD, lunch and a really good drink at Fulton’s :wink:


Ours is same as yours Dana- after our long haul flight and the crazy time differences we are ravenous too, so its dump the bags in the rooms and head off to the food court- perfect, we are home!


Us too…food at the resort:happy:! Then usually off to DD to Goofy’s candy shop.


I’ll triple that Dana & Dixie … We make sure to grab some grub at the food court. Then worry about delivery time for our groceries. Take a quick nap ( Lay down on the bed and then quickly jump back up) and proceed to the Kingdom!!!


We normally hang at the resort the first day and chill out after the flight. If it is an early flight, we may go to the MK and grab a meal there later that day.


first thing we do after checking in is go buy our tickets. If they’re hardcopies we’re set, if not we’ll head over to guest services at MK to swap out before resort hopping and sample tasty beverages each have to offer before grabbing dinner at the Boardwalk or DTD.


we get our mugs at the food court.


We usually take the earliest flights, so if the room isn’t ready, leave our bags with bell services, hop over to MK, and grab a hot dog and chili fries at Casey’s Corner. If the room is ready, we go up, unpack, maybe a quick nap, and then hop over to MK, and grab a hot dog and chili fries at Casey’s Corner…variations on a theme…:laugh:


We usually check out our room and then run for a bus to MK where we have an early dinner at Crystal Palace


We drive, and from Atlanta it is almost 8 hours… An easy drive, but we usually get there late. We usually fall into bed, and get up early the next morning. Then, we go the MK for breakfast at the crystal palace…


We don’t really have a pattern… we get to WDW all different ways. I guess if we’ve just checked in, then we’ll go to our room if it’s ready, get all of our bags out, and then primp before going into the parks. :laugh:


Make the car doors are looked, nothing is under the bed, all the drawers are empty, all the channels are on the TV, the clock radio’s time is correct, toilet flushes, the door to the room locks properly…the normal stuff.


We’re the same as Dopey. Dump our bag/s, check out the room, then off to DTD for something to eat. We spend the rest of the day there and the resort.


We also make a quick run down to the food court to get a bite to eat & those al important mugs! Then we HAVE to head to MK~ it doesn’t matter what time we get in ~ MK HAS to be the first place we go!! Starts our trip off with a big shot of pixie dust & magic!!


Normally we take an early flight so we get there around noon. We never go to a park on the first day. We check out the resort (if it’s new to us), get some food, and head to DTD.


We usually check in and head over to DTD and eat lunch somewhere… we start early on using our DDP points because we don’t want to waste any of them in the end. Wolfgang Puck is always a big hit for our family!


that will change in november. just sayin’.:laugh:


If the room’s ready, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, followed by annual pass activation at any park not named MK, as we save that for first full day. Dinner either @ DTD or Food Court.

If room’s not ready…head over to DTD and do as little as possible until we call to find out when the room is ready, then repeat the first scanario.