What's fun at Cocoa Beach?


We have squeezed in a day at Cocoa Beach and could conceivably be there from sunrise :ohmy: to about 4 pm. We are driving to WDW and have a GPS, so we are good for the trip. I have the following dire questions:

Where do we get cheap kids boogie boards?
Is sunrise worth getting up SO early for?:sleep:
Any recommendations for eating breakfast or lunch?
Anything to recommend specifically - place or activity?
Any particular beach/park to recommend?
What is the chair/umbrella situation?


We had thought about Kennedy Space Flight Center, but after mulling it over decided it was too cerebral for this trip! :blink:


We actually went there for 3 days before our Disney trip in June and had an AMAZING time! We actually thought about going back this summer but we ran out of time before school started.
We did not see the sunrise…we are MUCH too lazy for that!
We stayed in a hotel near Ron Jon and that actually seemed the best place to go to the beach. Also Ron Jon has tons and tons of parking for the beach (and I think it’s free) you have to walk a minute or two but it’s not far at all. Also Ron Jon has cheap boogie boards and umbrellas. And they are open 24 hours so if you get there super early you can just go kill a lot of time in there! They also rented umbrellas and and chairs for rent there…we brought are own so we aren’t sure about the pricing.
Our favorite place to eat was a restaurant called the Florida Bar and Grill. We actually ate there two out of the three nights we were there! We liked it that much. They had great crabcakes. Whatever Dave got he loved as well. We also ate at a place called the Italian Courtyard which was great Italian food.
We will be going back to Cocoa again we loved it.


Thanks! That helps alot!

Cubby posted sunrise pictures on his TR - I am leaning toward it - how often do I even see the sunrise, much less with my family over the ocean!