What's Going On Next To ToT?


I was there yesterday and there was a crane next to the ToT on the RnR side. Any word on what’s happening there?

Also curious about what’s going up next to EE in AK. Anyone got the inside skinny?


They’re building a new restaurant in Asia, and I know they’re re-fitting the Tarzan amphitheater for a Nemo show, but that’s all I know…


I know that a couple years ago they had a crane next to ToT and I found out why. Because ToT is visable from the Morocco Pavilian at Epcot, they were painting it a darker color so it wouldn’t ruin the theme. I wonder if that has anything to do with this crane…


I believe that they are replacing the roof. I’m not sure if they are repainting the tower, but it would be nice if they did.


Maybe they’re installing Tower5!!! Actually, I doubt it. I post on the ToT website as well as MGM’s website. If that were happening it would be all over both of them


I saw that crane too, and until now didn’t give it any thought.

And I did not know ToT could be seen from Morrocco. From what angle, if I may ask?


Pretty cool! I wonder whast it’s for?


Hey catfish, how was your weekend? Did you have fun on your birthday?


ROFL! Pick an answer! Any answer!


Was it a sandhill crane or more of a egret? :huh:



Ignorance is frustrating in my case…

I didn’t know ToT had a website. Could you post a link??

BTW: I still contend (as I have for many years) that WDW should develop a moderate or deluxe Hollywood Tower Hotel resort…


If they did, would you stay on the 13th floor?


I’ll bet the floors would go from 12 to 14, like in most all tall buildings… But if it DID have a 13th floor, I would indeed stay there - right next to Rod Serling!!


I’d stay in a Haunted Mansion themed hotel… esp around Halloween!


Excellent idea!


Perhaps a whooping crane?


First, CF, it’s very rude to casually mention, “Oh, yeah, (yawn), I was there yesterday…” when all of us won’t be there for YEARS!!! :wink:

And also, I read in a very reliable website that they are constructing a large pit where they will keep all the guests who stick their gum on the trees in the Tomorrowland Speedway line! :tongue:


At ToT hotel, I think the 13th floor would charge a higher rate than the others! Or all the floors would be the 13th floor.


Oh come on, if it was at Disney it would have been a Ichabod Crane!


LOL you guys are a hoot…no, wait…that would be an owl! :dry: