Whats going on with free DDp for 2008?


Im in the process of planning my 08 trip. I really dont think DH wants to go so I may just go during free dining if they will be offering it. Does anyone know if they will and if so whats the expected dates?


they offered it to guests during the months of august (end, i think) and september - to “bounce back” next september with free dining. whether or not it will be offered to the general public is still unknown.

Why doesn’t he want to go during free dining? it really wasn’t very crowded at all when we went!


He doesnt want to go period! I have christmas planned and he can care less. He rather be out fishing on a boat somewhere.


oh - that’s just not nice! so…whatcha gonna do to change his mind?


Tell him he can do that in WDW too. It’s all catch and release though.


Free isn’t as free as it used to be. (2008 won’t include appetizer/tip).

I went and did free dine by myself this year, probably not next. My DH isn’t as big into Disney anymore, and that is fine with me. We are local, he can come with me if he chooses to (or not), I went to London and Paris myself this year too. :slight_smile:



The last few years, the discount was released the first week of April, so you have a bit of time to wait until it is released. I might suggest you get your reservation booked before then, and then when/if it is released, you can get it applied, or decide if it is going to work for you, and cancel if you need to.


Tried that. I dont know what his problem is. He claims we go every year. I will go without him worse comes to worse. I did it this year:glare:


we must be twins!!! My DH doesnt like Disney too much anymore also. I am always travling by myself. Oh well. He fishes and I vacation


Thats a good idea. When is it offered for?


Unfortunately, we won’t know that until the discounts are released next year. I would think if you are traveling in September, you would be ok. I might stay away from the last few days, it may not be offered then.


The dates that it was available for the “bouce back” offered in august was for check-ins from 8/30 - 9/30…and it was only select hotels. POFQ is where I stayed and it was offered. Like mickey said, book the trip and apply the discount later.


Great advise! Thats to both of ya! I will try to do that. I need to make sure that DH doesnt want to go. If so it will have to be at christms time.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I don’t mean to laugh at your situation but your comment was too funny. :happy: