What's good to eat at Mama's?


Like to know everyone’s favorite stuff at Mama Melrose’s. The mushroom ravioli is looking good, and the flatbreads are pretty interesting… it has been years since we were there, and the menu looks quite different than I remember.


The last time we were there was last March, I believe I had the charred sirloin steak and my husband and son had the chicken parmesan. It was a decent meal, nothing memorable but on the order of Olive Garden, The only problem here is the service is hit or miss, twice we’ve had really crabby wait staff. Not just mildly indifferent but miserable. We had ordered an appetizer and waited and waited, asked for it twice and finally the waitress told us we really didn’t want it anyway because she had brought us a basket of bread!:glare:


I was thinking of doing the fantasmic package with this restaurant…is it even worth it?


:blink::blink::laugh: Eat the bread and shut up!:laugh: We’ve never been to Mama’s - but I’ve heard about the bad service. How odd.


It used to be good but I think it has gone down since the dining plan. The service is horrible. We skip it now.


oh dear. back to the drawing board…


Talking about the Fantasmic package, I have called twice trying to get it this year and both times they have told me the package is only for a 3:30pm Dining seating time. Is that true? That is crazy. Who wants to eat dinner at 3:30? Besides my wife’s grandparents…


The bruschetta is outstanding! I disagree it is on the order of Olive Garden, much more upscale and tasty. The pastas are very good, great atmosphere, good service. Rated most economical restaurant in Hollywood.


330?! :eek: wth! I am not eating that early just to see fantasmic… Unless we go with my mom and that’s when she thinks dinner should be served :glare:


I switched to H&V… don’t care for the characters, but love the endive salad!


We think that Olive Garden is even better. Food and service is better there for sure. Mama’s has it’s fans, but because of the bad service and so so food, fewer and fewer go back.


Spicey sausage dish!!! I love it!!!


we had adrs at mamas last trip but we had so long to wait and i was starving… diabetic … needed food by the time we waited almost an hour after our adrs we gave up and went for pizza.
i love olive garden.


Yum! I love olive garden


It must be hit or miss because my sister and I ate there
in December and loved it. We didn’t have ADR’s but we
only had to wait about 10 min. and that was on a Saturday.
We had a really nice waitress and the food came out
fast. They did accidentally give me the chicken pipette
when I had ordered the shrimp, but she took it back and
had it switched in no time. It was yummy! My sister
had the Spaghetti Fra Diavolo and she really like it too
but said the sauce was really spicy! I would recommend
giving it a shot even though there are a lot of negative
reviews. Maybe we got lucky that day, but I’d go back.
It was def. above Olive Garden in my opinion:happy:


Mama’s seems like one of those restaurants that you either love or hate. I noticed the same thing about Tony’s…maybe it’s an Italian restaurant thing…


When I cancelled Mama’s and switched over to H&V, I was happy because I lvoe the salads at H&V, but bummed out because I am not a Playhouse Disney kind of gal… but they told me that on that night (maybe all dinners?) there are no characters! Wheeeee!

I really prefer HBD at Studiios, but they are booked the entire time we are there. Serves us right for booking the trip at the last minute.


Is Mama’s on the Tables in Wonderland program??
Used to eat there every trip when it first opened, but that was years ago.
If we do sit down at DHS we usually eat at The Brown Derby which I really enjoy.


[QUOTE=fjs08;1022253]Is Mama’s on the Tables in Wonderland program??
Used to eat there every trip when it first opened, but that was years ago.
If we do sit down at DHS we usually eat at The Brown Derby which I really enjoy.
Amen! HBD is my second favorite restaurant in all of WDW, probably, based on food and family tradition. right behind California Grill. but HBD is booked solid during our last-minute trip. So is CG. So is Ohana. So is Citricos. Etc.

Sooooooo… H&V it is. I made alternate reservations at Boma, which we love, but I had to go very early, and that might pose a park problem. We shall see.


It’s just my wife and I, but we will often go without reservations and sit at the bar and have dinner or appetizers. I understand it’s different with kids, etc.
Have you tried Sanaa at the AK-DVC?? We were at WDW during the Holiday season and just happened to be there at lunch time and tried it. WOW were we surprised. Great place, great view, staff was marvelous and the food was really distinctive. We’ll definitely be going back.