What's happening 9/2-9/3 at WDW?


I have been checking the crowd calendar for our trip and we have 1-3 levels with an two outliers of 6 on the 2nd and a 4 on the 3rd. Anything special going on that would raise the levels?

I am SUPER happy about the 1-4 btw!:laugh:


The begining of Labor day weekend?


I wondered that but the actual weekend is low- It goes 6 on TH, 4 on Fri and 3 on Sat…


More and more kids are back in school as it gets closer to 1 September. Parents want to get home with time to relax before the first day of school so the weekend crowd level fizzles as you get to Sunday.



Just got back and the parks were PACKED - at the end of the night, the Ferry line went back to the security tables!! I couldn’t believe my eyes (first night of FREE FOOD!) But, that said, the longest wait was 35 minutes - so it was busy, but the ride lines weren’t? :blink:


Where is this “crowd calendar” you speak of? I am ALL stressed out that my trip is going to be packed bc of Food and Wine. 9/29 - 10/4. We went last year a week earlier and it was SO nice!!


I don’t know what the “crowd calendar” is either…I have never heard of such a thing, but it sounds like it would be a very useful tool when planning a trip to see the MOUSE!!


I went to WDW about 3 years ago on that weekend. I have a picture somewhere that is of a totally empty Fronterland, not one person can be seen from Splash Mountain to Liberty Square.

Great trip I did all the major E ticket rides (plus a few others) in all 4 parks in 1 day. Everything was a walk in and I could have been seated at any table service in park when I walked up. It has never been that empty since. But this is the weekend to go for low crowds.

(bonus no Brazilians!)

Here is a link to the crowd calendar. It is pretty accurate:

Disney World Crowd Calendar — The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World


I have a crowd calendar on the updated version of Undercover Tourist too.


Ok- I am going to post the link but keep it TOP SECRET ok? :ninja:
I have used this for a while and it is pretty accurate…

Disney World Crowd Calendar — The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

LOL- ok- I guess Tigger got it first and I didn’t read the actual link… So the secret is out and I didn’t do it!

Dixie- we have to catch up with all the MBs that will be there with us to see if we can meet up for a quick chat :slight_smile: I know we will all be busy with our plans but a quick drink or visit might work!


Nice! Looks like I am all 1’s but the first night I am there (5) and on a Saturday (4). I am super excited about this trip…running the Disney Halloween 5K, Food and Wine, MNSSHP and AKL! PLUS, I think I am doing annual passes, considering I have at least 2 trips planned between now and next September!

Is it me, or does life get so much better when you are planning a Disney trip?!?


People … PEOPLE! 09/02 - the Boss Mouse’s Birthday?



I knew I liked you Boss! We are fellow Virgos!


Truly we are under appreciated.


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I think she doth protest too much:tongue:

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We use to go this time of year and the crowds are not bad at all.


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