What's is your favorate rescue rangers


my favorate is chip because he is a leader of the rescue rangers. i want to know what is your favorate rescue rangers and why?


i liked gidget. was that her name? oh it’s been so long since i watched that show. she is so knowledgable and prepared for everything.


gadget is her name. she is cool, chip is in love.


I would go with gadget as well. It has been a long time since I though of that show.
I had thier lunch box. Pretty cool huh?? hehehe


I LOVED Rescue Rangers when I was little! My 4th birthday party was Rescue Ranger themed… :wub:

Gadget was my favorite too! And Zipper, just because he’s cute.

By the way, I was at Target today and I saw a Rescue Rangers Season 1 DVD for $25!! Ducktales too! I hope they put out all the old Disney Afternoon shows…


I like Chip too. He has attitude! :tongue: