What's It Like There Now?


I have to get busy packing for DL, I leave in one week!!

What kind of clothes should I pack? Would summer clothes still be appropriate? Bathing suits, shorts, sleeveless tees? Will it be chilly at night so I would need a sweater or jacket?


Today the weather forecast for Anaheim is low of 67, high of 91.

I think you’ll be great with summer clothes and a sweater for “just in case”. :happy: It usually doesn’t start to cool down too significantly until late October.


You’re going to do so great in your marathon!!

THe weather sounds perfect!! How many days will you be gone???

We get to track her, again, y’all!

Post the "Keep track of Ddoll’ website! Please!



Hey ddoll…it is pretty warm here still! Going to cool off later in the week, but it will still be in the mid 80’s. Evenings have been really warm, but I would bring a sweater/light jacket just in case. Bathing suit…yep! I’d love to go for a swim right now!


Yay!!! I can keep summer going for a few more weeks. Thanks you guys.

And Yay! I’m in Erin’s siggie! :laugh:

I’ll post my race info in CC


Here is the forecast for the 10th through the 15th! It looks perfect to me :happy:

weather.com - Six to Ten Day Driving Page


Wow Daisy! Couldn’t ask for a better forecast! Thanks for the link :wub:


I did my sign-up!!!


DDOLL, you can probably leave behind the genuine sealskin parka that you wear in the frozen tundra of Rhode Island… By the way, how long is the boat ride from Rhode Island back to the mainland United States??? :wink: :tongue:


I’m always kind of chilly, and definitely needed my sweatshirt once the sun went down!


While we’re not quite at frozen tundra standards in September, I will indeed leave my winter gear at home. :happy:

You really do need a geography lesson, don’t you Goof? :laugh:


That’s just one of the things he needs:laugh:


Pepp, would you please start a list?


I could, but that list is way too long, it would go on for pages…and days…MONTHS even!:laugh: :laugh:


I do need lots of “things”… :tongue:

But geography is way down the list… I just like to pick on islands that are not islands… It is an excercise in comedic irony and I am sure you “got” it DDOLL… Pepsi on the other hand merely sees this as another opportunity to give me some grief! :tongue:

I do think at the top of the list should be another DL trip! PLEASE!?!?! :sad:


Oh, that is definately at the top of the list.:happy:


Wow, two days to go, and the weather still looks like a go!


Better start packing before the forecast changes… :happy:


or just pack for both conditions…