What's more important, getting an early start at the parks or staying late?


Disney World’s facebook page posted this question today:

What’s more important, getting an early start at the parks or staying late?

and I was wondering how MBer’s felt on this subject!!!


I know it doesn’t help, but what about both? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well for the wife and I we benefit more when using the early magic hours. During that time we usually get on most rides and enjoy the park before it begins to get packed then we just go and take a break at the hotel before going back to the park in the evenings. We tried the late hours a couple of times and found that after the fireworks everyone floods the ride and unless you stay late and let people move out of the park it just does not become worth it.


We have used both on all trips, but we really use the night ones in the parks… We go to any park that does not have EMH for that morning, and we get there early. That is huge-and not crowded… The crowds come by 10/11 am… Then we might use the one at night to do a few rides, etc… As long as we are not too tired, we can do anything the kids want.


We really do both. We open the parks and we shut them down. It’s a rare park day for us that we don’t do both.


Staying late in the park, works best for us.


Be at the rope drop in the AM


We haven’t taken advantage of the EMH like we should because we have members of our party who have a hard time getting up in the am and others who are tired and want to go back to the resort in the PM. I found out last trip that I LOVE being in the parks after dark and my plan for next trip is to do a bunch of attractions in the dark, especially at MK, even if I have to do it alone.


We agree, but sometimes I like to go at night just to sit in the parks. They just look so pretty lit up. To us it seems like the late hours are even more crowded than mid-day.


Our normal routine is to be at the park with morning Extra Magic Hours right at the rope drop. We then leave a little after lunch. We’ll usually go back to the hotel for a couple hours then park hop to another park.


I’m not a real early person, so I like to get up, have quick breakfast at resort then be at the parks by 9-9:30. Then we stay late.


With kids I always arrived early, stayed until 11 or so, we went back to our resort for naps or pool time then went back after dinner until closing time. The next day would be pool time first then one of the parks late afternoon until closing. Without kids, I liketo arrive around 1-2 pm and stay until closing so my strategies depended upon my traveling party.


We used to hit both early and late EMH w/ the kids. Now that it is usually just Pam and myself we find that we only do late EMH. We take our time getting up, relaxing with a nice cup of coffee and I enjoy reading in the AM on vacation. It is also a good time for us to recover from what ever trouble we got into the night before. Traveling without the now grown kids is so different. We actually get to recharge on vacation.


I think this question depends on what kind of ppl you are. We are early morning people. Nothing like being at the rope drops and entering the park first thing in the morning. We usually head back to the resort mid-day for a swim and nap and then go to the park that is having EMH.


So true. At WDW, we tend to sleep in and get up about 6:30. Most days at home DH is up and out walking his 2 miles before 6 A.M.


I’m more of a morning person- DH is a night owl. But he has been convinced of the beauty of rope drop because we can do so many rides in the first few hours. :happy:


We’d be split on this, I’d love to be there for rope drop, and DD and DH would stay there til park closure!


Both. Take a break in between.


If it were just me, I would do the morning but the others don’t like getting up early so we do the night EMH. We haven’t had any problems with crowds as we go in the middle of May but I think we will see a difference when we go in July next year:(


We have changed over the years because of our kids ages. When they were younger, we would do the early stuff because of character breakfasts and their normal wake up routine. Now that they are older, they would rather be up later and sleep in a bit.