What's new at Disneyland Resort Paris?


Hi all !
I’m a disappointed to see that this Disneyland Paris section is a little bit “dead”…

So what’s new in our European Resort ?

Firstly, as you know the TOT is continuing to grow in Walt Disney Studios, and the rumor say it will be ready for halloween 2007, during the celebration of the 15th aniversary.

Second point is about “toon Studios” who is know building more fast (is that the right superlative type ? :confused: ) than ever ! see the concept art here : http://www.dlrp.fr/news/upload/wds/toonstudios/130606/crushconcept.jpg
Crush’s turtle twister, a roller coaster based on “finding nemo” is hidding by a lot of big wall : http://www.dlrp.fr/news/upload/wds/toonstudios/150606/toon12.jpg
the Car’s themed attraction (opening in june 2007) is growing up to.


I think this is the main reason this thread is not posted to often. Very little changes at Paris. These two projects have been on the board for quite a while. Especially the ToT.

Also, the fact that most here are in the US, we are not as proactive about the overseas parks. However, I have every intention of visiting someday.


Salut Ytreza!

Tous ce passe bien avec toi?

Moi, j’atttends avec impatience l’ouverture du ToT, et Buzz Lightyear (c’est deja ouvert?). J’espere qu’ils seront mieux que ceux en Floride, comme Phantom Manor et Pirates. On verra!

A bientot!


Wow! Long time no see! We have missed you! What’s up with you?


Nothing much. Just popping into the DLP threads from time to time. It’s two years since I was in WDW and no real plans to go back there. :smile: