What's new?


What’s new this year from last year that we can look for on our august trip?:blink:


Star Tours will be open after rehab.


Pooh and Haunted Mansion Que’s.


Yes a must do!


We never miss the Haunted Mansion. We will be listenibg for the new Que’s.:phone:


Duffy the Disney Bear in Epcot is doing meet and greets in the World Showcase


Wow that’s cool…Duffy was everywhere in Feb when I last visited.


Leggo Store is getting remodeled they had a leggo tent next to the other toy store. They had a new counter service where the McDonalds use to be. They have a new section in the Pantry store next to Earl of Sandwitch. It is all different types of spices, salts,peppers and I think tea.

I am sure you know about Fantasy Land but it is decorated with all the new things that will be coming.