What's Next


The Happiest Celebration will be ending late this summer … Does anyone know what’s up next for WDW celebrations? They always have some theme going …


I think Epcot’s 25th anniversary in 2007 might be the next thing.


whens the last day of the 50th celebration?


From what I have seen on other WDW sites the Last Day is September 30, 2006. :sad:


The next gig is the “Boss Mouse Appreciation Party”.


What ever is next I’ll be there for it!


Epcot’s anniversary is all that I can think of and from what I hear, it will have some neat changes/additions.


Well WDW does turn 35 this year. I haven’t heard any talk of a special celebration or anything. It’s not like 35 is a major milestone or anything.


yeah they may save it for 40 since they just had disneyland’s 50th…although they did celebrate the wdw 25th(cake castle)…so you never know


It’s ending??! Noooo I have to get down there!! :noo: Someone kep me accountable and make me go!


Yeah…you’re about to turn 100…you go Boss :tongue:

I think Epcot 25th 2007 too :wink:


Yes, altering the castle again might be kind of odd since they wouldn’t have had the castle the regular way for long after the 50th.


Is it just me, or do any of y’all think the castle will be kinda plain and boring when they take off all the 50th decorations? I just love them…

Since they missed the “DewMan’s 20th Trip to WDW” celebration last December because they were already celebrating DL’s 50th, I think they should throw me a party… :biggrin:


Yeah…they could use the same decor they used when it was a big pink birthday cake! :wink:


Agreed! I think they should keep the decor up there. :heart:

All I’ve heard about is Epcot. Nothing from MK.


One new thing that is coming up - Winnie Pooh turns 80 this year. They are going to be celebrating that throughout the Disney companies, I am sure that there will be something at the parks, to what extent I do not know. I do know that the Pooh celebration on Radio Disney does not kick into full gear until the Spring.


Oh…good. I’m not the only one… :biggrin:


I asked about this when I made our reservations for December. The cast member said that she heard they may continue the Happiest Celebration until the end of December, and if not, then it would end around the end of September and they would probably do something to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the MK.

I too, hope the castle stays decorated. But I am most happy about the fact that Cinderellabration will continue and stay at WDW when the Happiest Celebration ends! I absolutely fell in love with that show! My husband is holding out hope that the Lights, Motor, Action stunt car show will continue at MGM also. And I have heard some shady rumors about Soarin’ hanging out for a while too.


what about the film of epcot in soarin’.


Well I did mention about the 35th Anniversary earlier in this thread, and I hope it’s true for a lot of reasons, not the least of which so I can say I was right :tongue:

And PP, I think LMA! and Soarin’ are both going to be around for a while, with Soarin’ possibly seeing some pretty significant changes.