What's the best way to plan this ADR?


I am thinking about making a dinner ADR at Boma AKL and my conundrum is this…

AK closes at 6pm that day…
What is the latest ADR I could make at AKL and still get back to AK in time to catch a bus back to our resort?

I know the buses run later than park close but are they exactly one hour or does it depend on the park capacity?

Worst case, I can always go to DTD or something and catch a bus/boat back but I am looking for the quickest/easiest route.



Maybe I am misunderstanding your question, but why do you have to go back to AK to get to your resort–couldn’t you take a bus from AKL to any park-one that is open later- and get back to your resort that way? Like I said, maybe I misunderstood your question!!!


Yes, I could there are a million ways to do this :slight_smile: That is what I am pondering…

I thought AK because it is the closest park to AKL and would be a shorter bus ride. I am hoping for the most direct, fastest route possible…
We plan to stay at POFQ so I could just take a bus to DTD or EPCOT too. There are too many choices!


Of the two, I would recommend Epcot. The bus to DTD is just too long seeing you are going from one end of Disney property (AKL) all the way to the other end (DTD).


Yes thats your best option, go the closest park and get your resort bus from there.


If you log onto LaughingPlace.com: Walt Disney World, Disneyland and All of Disney you can type in where you are and where you want to go and it will give you several options with estimated times…just a thought.