Whats the deal with Paris forum?


Hi Mickey,
Why is it that i can go onto the Paris forum one day and there are lots of different threads and the next day I go to it, there is just 2? What’s going wrong? I keep thinking im going :wacko: so an explanation would definately help me to :sleep: lol!!!


Think I can help here. When you click on the forum, look in the bottom left hand corner. You will see certain parameters that you can set. The default seems to be that it only shows threads with posts in the last month. If you reset this to whatever you want (2 months, 75 days, a year etc) then more threads will appear. I just tried it and it worked for me.

Remember that as DC is principally a USA based site, there are relatively few threads concerning DLP, which is why your thread last week was accidentaly missed. This is still a great place for all info. concerning Disney in general and the DC members are a great bunch, by en large. :smile:


towncar t… yet again you come through for me! Heartfelt cheers mate! :happy: