What's the difference between an ADR or a PS?


I just noticed some people call them different things, I’ve always said “priority seating” but what is the difference between that and an ADR (Advance Dining REservation, is that what it stands for?)

I know it’s probably jsut a weird little quirk, but do different restaurants in WDW call them different things. Does it have to do with the amount of time before you can make the PS or ADR? :huh:


No, they are the same thing. Disney changed the name from PS to ADR awhile ago. They’ll always be PS to me.


Me too…


They changed the name but not everyone has caught up to using it. All the restaurants should be calling them ADR’s now. And there is no difference in the rules at all.


Me too…I can’t get used to saying ADR…sounds wrong for some reason…lol


At work I have to fill out AR forms, I always end up calling them ADR forms…and people think I am nuts…but alas, my boss, who once ‘worked for the rat’ as he likes to put it, laughes because he knows what I mean,
ahh…only 65 days until I can make mine…what are we talking about again?


I agree, I can’t get use to ADR’s. I like PS’ better. Guess they were trying to get fancy.


For a while I couldn’t get used to ADR either, but now I kinda like it. It just rolls off the tongue :tongue:


I was surprised when Disney changed the terminology to include the word “reservation,” since the whole idea of Priority Seating was to allow the restaurants some latitude in seating guests when they arrived. If someone’s PS was running late, a restaurant’s standard answer was a Priority Seating wasn’t a reservation, just an approximate time. The term ADR makes it sound like the time is much more definite.


Wish! I’m so glad you asked this, I was pondering this very question earlier today.
I think I like ADR better too ingamba, it does have a certian roll to it.


PS is old school :cool:


I’m still stuck in PS mode. But I am trying to embrace the change to ADR.


They’ll alllllways be PSs to me, hehe! Even when February comes and I can make my PSs, I am STILL going to call them PSs. hehe!


Cinderbella, you can make your ADRs now! Didn’t you hear? They changed it to 180 days now. You need to get on here more often! :mickey:


Wait, you can make your PS’/ADR’s 180 days in advance instead of 90??? Between doctors and DS’ football, haven’t been on much.


A Chicken Little Fan? My DD says that line at least twice a day!
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bbbahahahaha, I loved that part in the movie! way to funny, I need to remember to use that one more ofton…okay…back to the topic
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