What's the Longest Time You've Spent at Disney?


I was just thinking about how great it would be to stay long enough that you could casually come and go and still be able to get everything accomplished without an all day marathon event. How many days would that take? 7? 10? 15?. That of course got me thinking…“What’s the Longest Time You’ve Spent at Disney?” I’m not sure, I think mine would be 5 days.


11 days has been our longest stay and that was a few years ago before our kids were in school. Now we take shorter trips but more of them:happy:


Our longest trip was 14 days. I think that year I made three trips for a total of around 32 days. That AP really paid off that year.


The longest I’ve ever stayed in Disney was 11 days. Even that didn’t seem long enough! This Nov, my DH and I will be staying for 9 days. Usually we only stay for 7.


2 trips, each 10 nights, last year


Gotta love the AP. I love saying to my DH “but the AP is already paid for and we can use the DVC. We only have to get airfare”. Works every time:happy:


We got home on Friday and I just happened to look at SW fares for early dec. My DH said if we can get a studio at BC or BW, we’d go. Our AP runs out on dec 5.

So I called and got on wait list but I’m not hopeful.


The longest we stay is two weeks - 14nights.
Usually we stay 10-12nights, but twice we’ve been for a week.
A week went by too fast and was too busy for us. We like to spend more time “off” enjoying the resorts, pools etc.
The more time there the better in our opinion!


We are usually there for 7 park days… and it is packed. We have never made it to water parks, or any outside parks… There is simply too much to do… We love to go, and the new commercials don’t help the kids much- they keep saying they want to go…


Our longest was 14 days. We usually try to do 9 days with both weekends and M-F. Last year we did do a few shorter trips around the work schedule and ended up with 29 days total in WDW. Yikes.


13 days…this upcoming trip in almost single digit territory is going to be 11,then next spring it will be 13 once again…one year in a 365 day period we spent 36 days total…that doesn’t include disneyland trips ,just WDW


Ours is 26 days in one go! And we always stay never less than 21 days- however, dont forget we travel a long long way and take all of our vacation time in one go.


The longest for us was 12 and enjoyed every minute leisurely. We take advantage of the Hopper Plus and go to TL at least 4-5 times and DQ twice.


The longest was back in '94 when I was there for 10 days. I got home and my parents asked me to go with them on a cruise(they had never been on one) 6 weeks later which originated out of Port Canaveral and included a week at WDW after so it was 10 days, 6 weeks away and another week there.


I think our longest trip was 13 days–it was wonderful!!


Our longest was 11 with an added cruise at the end. It was fantastic!:wub:


Our longest was 10 days this past summer. I felt it was the perfect amount of time. I wish our next trip could be that long. It really does give you the chance to relax a little without feeling like you are sacrificing some of the attractions.


Our longest stay was 10 days in 2005. It was wonderful, but I think we still could have used more time! :laugh:


we stay ten days when we go with the parents. it’s nice and relaxing. but i still dread the going home part:(


I think you could ALWAYS use more time :happy::happy: