What's the ratio of washers to studio at SSR?


So trying to think about how to use points next year. I think it’s better to get two studios than one 1 bedroom. My DH thinks the washer with the 1 bedroom is a big plus. I know there are washers by the pool, but DH wonders does that mean two washers for a thousand studios. Anybody know the ratio?


I didn’t go to the laundry area in the main area but the laundry room at the quiet pool closest to the The Paddock section has two washers and I think either 4 or 6 dryers. One was a front loader and the other was a typical top load machine. I did laundry once and I was the only one there that evening.

We went in May and I’m not kidding when I say we had The Paddock section all to ourselves. We usually got on and off the bus alone.