What's the Shortest Path to EE at AK?


What’s the best for a Friday morning in June (regular park hours)…
Would it be better to:

  1. Get to AK 45 minutes prior to opening and be the first at the turnstiles to get a good place for rope drop? How far up do they let everyone go before the official rope drop? And do they drop the rope from the left, or from the right?
    – OR–
  2. Book an 8am breakfast at Donald’s Restaurantosaurus and wait by the entrance/exit of Dinoland before they “release” everyone at official 9am opening? Would those in Dinoland be closer to the path that leads to EE than people at the main entrance?

Any suggestions?


Follow the thundering herd!!! LOL :tongue:


Seriously, Rope drop is in the middle, and then you have to sprint through the rainforest (take the left side since most of the crowd will go right and the paths converge on the other side anyway). When we were last there, everyone wanted to get to Safari, so they took off down the left path toward Africa. But I bet everyone makes a beeline for EE now, so just follow the herd!


There is a quick way out of Dinoland to EE and Asia. But considering when you are going, there will be no easy way out. It IS going to be a thundering herd.


Actually, I believe that when EE opens, most of the people will still follow the Safari truck with Goofy, Minnie and Pluto all the way to the safari. The reason is because that’s the direction the people who are caring the rope are going, and others want to hear the rest of the show as the truck drives. Plus they’ve a chance to run into characters along the way to Africa, with the most exotic being Flik!

I recommend doing the rope drop. Not just because I do that show all the time, but it really is a cute show. Get there early enough to where you’l be up front. Be as far right as you can. As soon as your clear, go right and don’t follow the truck. Don’t go through Dinoland. That’s where most people will go, but if you look at EE, the entrance is on the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar left. Go past Dinoland’s entrance, and cross the bridge into Asia. Make a right, and follow it round to the entrance. Enjoy!


That sounds like a good plan, Matt. Thanks for the tip. Rope drop-keep right. Last year we actually walked right behind the character truck after the parade, and it was fun.