What's the weather like in January?


My family was planning a trip around Thanksgiving, but that probably won’t be happening so now we are considering a trip in the middle of January. The parks are supposed to be much less crowded around that time of year so that is a definite plus. Can anyone give me an idea of how warm (or cold) we can expect it to be?


I went at the end of January last year and the weather ranged from 60’s to 75ish. One day it even went over 80 if you can believe it. The crowds are ideal. Ther isn’t any…lol I am going back again this year on the 21st,so that should tell you something. Seriously, excellent for touring. You can see everything with little or no waits. The parks close a bit earlier, but you get to enjoy your resort more that way I think. Book it. You wont be sorry. :flowers:


A few years back we went in January. I couldn’t believe how small the crowds were. Basically we walked onto all the rides. The weather was mostly in the 70’s and, like Dana, we also had a day in the 80’s. The evenings were cooler, so a jacket helped. We braved Typhoon Lagoon, though, and were thrilled to be at a waterpark in January!


like you, my DD and I had a sweatshirt on at night and some mornings too, but by noon, it wasn’t necessary and a T-shirt was ideal! My Dd swam a few times in the pool at the AKL and was thrilled to be swimming in January. Can’t do that in NJ…lol


I was at Disney for the CP, starting near the end of January in 03. That was one of their colder winters, so jackets or sweaters were a must. ESPECIALLY at night, I’m almost sure it was the low 40s or upper 30s. But the crowds WERE amazing; we could have done Tower of Terror ten times in a row in an hour! I can’t tell you what to expect since I’m not majoring in meterology, but bring at least one jacket for each person. Or use beachtowels as blankets. :smile:


absolutely brilliant! DH and I have been a couple of times in JAnuary and we about to do our next vacation this forthcoming jan too. The parks are still busy enough for you not to feel wierd or ’ alone’ but not too busy that you have to wait for ages in any queue.
Weather’s good too.
This year I am taking my DD too as this will be her first trip abroad and to WDW…only 21 months at time of dep…aaaaahhhhhh. I think we will always go at this time of the year from now on.


Dec and January are both great times for disney as far as the weather goes. As the others said, it can get a little chilly at night and in the early mornings. By mid-morning though it warms up nicely.


We love WDW in January! No crowds and great wx! When we were there 2 years ago in Jan. it got a little chilly in the evenings…50’s…but we’re from the midwest where it’s 20 below 0 in January so it was wonderful! We hate to take the kids out of school right after the winter break, but it’s worth it!
We’re heading back this January!! :smile:


the pools and water parks are heated right? So, you can still use them in January? Wouldn’t it be funny to come home with a tan from a January vacation


Hey, this is cool that this happened to be here…I may very well visit Disney in January when I go see my friend Dana get married!!!