What's the worst thing you've heard


at WDW?

This past weekend we were at Epcot and a very agitated family was heading back from LeCellier while I was trying to photograph MY garden! The son hollers “forget it mom, there’re full, no tables available”. Grouchy Mom says, “FINE! Let’s go, I hate Epcot anyway”. :eek: Meanwhile little kid about 3 is trying to escape the Crankenstein family stroller/t (seriously trying to squeeze under the strap)and she is very fussy. Dad (yelling very loudly): “What’s wrong with HER??”. Mom: “I just smacked her”. :mad:

Didn’t they get the memo. It’s the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! Not Jerry Springer rejects go to Disney World Day :frown:


Yikes. I’ve had my share of cranky, tired days at WDW, but that’s no good.


Ewwww - people are just, ewwwww, sometimes! Okay, I have one…

I am standing with my then 15 month old in his stroller just outside of the little gated play area in Mickey’s Tune Town Fair. There is a man in his mid to late 20’s standing there SMOKING! and as if that wasn’t bad enough he let’s out a “Why the **** is “so and so” taking so long in the bathroom? What the ****? I want to get out of this ****ing place”!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

It happened so fast I couldn’t even get away from him quick enough - thank God it didn’t happen within the last year or so because my DS would have scolded him for using “bad curses” :wink:


I’ve seen so many stressed out parents yelling at their poor, over tired kids. It just breaks my heart. I think the worst one was last summer when we were walking up the ramp to board the monorail at MK when a little girl about 4 years old cut in front of me. I had to stop pretty fast to not fall over her. No big deal to me but the mom grabbed the little girl by her hair and lifted her up off the ground and started yelling at her. I was almost in tears. Then they were in the same monorail car as us and I just wanted to grab that sweet little thing and run. The parents made fun of MK all the way to the next stop. I guess they missed the magic and had a rotten day. They had 3-4 young kids and they all looked so sad. I just don’t get people.


The worst thing I ever saw and heard was at the MK on a very crowded day - in fact I still think of it and it haunts me.

We were standing in front of Splash Mountain. The wait was 45 minutes. There was a family next to us with a little girl who was about 7 or 8. I guess she asked why they couldn’t go on Splash Mountain one too many times. Her mother grabbed her by the cheeks and literally dragged her over to the SM entrance and screamed: "Read you idiot!!!45 MINUTES.! The poor little thing had tears in her eyes. Her mother dragged her back the same way. When she took her hands off her face, there were big marks on her cheeks. It made me sick. And it was one of those horrible situations. I didn’t know what to do - what I really wanted to do was race over there and tell that woman what I thought of her - but then I worried what she might do to the child once they were gone. So - like so many - I did nothing, except shoot her a filthy look. I still think of that little girl and wonder what kind of a life she has. :sad:


That is such a sad story :crying:


Agh, I hope I never become one of these parents! I can understand that WDW can get hot and long and tiring…but there really is no excuse…
My stressed out parent story was in the bathroom near TOT in MGM…a very tired and worn out looking mother dragged her little girl (maybe three) literally by the hair into the bathroom…the little girl was THROWING the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums, and the mom grabbed her by the face and said, “If it wasnt for me you wouldnt even be here…daddy didnt want to take a spolied little girl to Disney World…but i worked long and hard to come on this vacation and your chemical embalance isn’t going to screw it up”



That is so sad… :sad: I don’t like seeing parents force children to visit with a character they don’t want too or they are afraid of. I once saw a child screaming because he was afraid of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.


I hope this still fits in the category because it was something I saw rather than heard at Disneyland, not the World. My brother is paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair. Yes, we take advantage of handicapped entrances, but only when he is with us. You wouldn’t believe how many people take advantage of the handicapped entrance too lines (I hope its clear that I have nothing against people who actually do need to use this entrance). Well, anyway on with the show: On several rides we kept seeing this woman in front of us in a wheelchair, she had two kids with her. No problem right? Well, later on Indiana Jones she was pushing one of her kids through the entrance, walking perfectly and clearly no problem! And then we saw the kids switch when there were no castmembers around! Grrrr, thats one thing I get so angry about. For one thing this woman was teaching her kids to be dishonest. And this may sound a bit snobbish, but who wants to be handicapped/disabled? I know my brother would gladly stand and wait in line in hours if he could.

Ok, I’m stepping down from my soapbox. Thanks for letting me rant and I hope I didn’t offend anyone or hijack the thread!


This thread is making me really sad. :sad:


These threads should have a warning :crying:


These type of parents need to stay and play in their own backyard!


This thread makes me sad too…

For some reason the worst crowds I ever saw was Soring Break of 04. Parents and children were both being so rotten. I don’t have any stories because I tried to block them out of my head.

Parents SHOULD NOT TAKE THEIR KIDS TO DISNEY if they themselves are not excited about it. Seriously. Thats what cheeses off the parents in the first place.

Lucky for me, my parents loved DisneyWorld and had gone a few times prior to having us kids, they loved showing us around even when we were too small to care. :heart: So thankful.


AWWW - That makes me so happy to hear. :happy: We have endured freinds and family saying things to us like - “Why don’t you wait to take (our son) to WDW when he can appreciate it or remember it”? It makes us all happy just to be there together, away from the “real world” enjoying our family time - that’s why! :heart:


One time we were in line for an attraction, I can’t remember which one, only that the lines were long that day and it was very hot. A CM brought a “Make a Wish” child and her family to the front of the line and let them enter first. The lady behind me said “Why do they get to go first?” and began complaining loudly. I finally turned around and said “would you like to trade places with them? Would you like your child to be terminally ill and you can go first?” She shut up then but did give me a dirty look. I could have just smacked her.


Sorry if this thread brought everyone down. :crying: It’s not what I intended.

It does make me pause to remember that our children will be young for such a short time. What memories are we making for them?


You took the words right out of my mouth. :sad:


We know you did not intended to make us sad :happy: :wub:

You right it does make me pause like when, just the other day I was thinking that when my children were being so loud, I said to myself that “they are children” and one day way to soon they will be all grown up. :wub:


That is just terrible. I can’t believe an adult, let alone a parent would want to teach a child those sort of value. I am actually stuck on words… me speechless… that is a funny one.


Good for you… I am glad that you stood up for that POOR child.