What's up with Disney and Magazines?


Four years ago I signed the kids up for A Disney magazine and only a few months later I received a notice they were going to stop publishing it and that I should pick from a list of non-Disney mags to replace it. Ok, I did.

So last year I signed my 7 year old up for Disney’s Adventure magazine. Wow, pirates and everything! :pirate:

Today I get the notice, “Sorry you will receive ‘SI Kids’ instead”. :blow:


I would have prefered Disneyland’s daily park maps and schedules, than SI Kid. :confused:

Who do they have in charge of Disney magazine publications? George Costanza?:glare:

“Yeah, I’m a great quitter: it’s one of the few things I do well… I come from a long line of quitters. My father was a quitter, my grandfather was a quitter… I was raised to give up” - George Costanza


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


The school fundraiser (don’t get me going on THIS topic :ph34r: :glare: ) offered a combination Disney Adventure and SI Kids package. DS (sports nut) loves SI Kids so I thought it would be a fun option. We received the same notice . . . no more Disney Adventures. I was so disappointed!! They just extended the SI Kids an extra year or whatever the subscription time was. Which is fine, but I really wanted to read Disney Adventures. I mean, I really wanted DS to read Disney Adventures :blink: :happy: .


LOL… We were hoping to subscribe to Festivus Times!


OK, I’m better now. The President has announced an economic stimulus package that will send me to Disneyland.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


See?? SEE??? As if further proof were necessary.

We truly are the Seinfeld of Disney forums…:laugh:


Are there currently any Disney magazines in publication?


The only magazines I know of are Backstage Pass (for AP holders) and Family Fun (which may be on newsstands, but may also be an exclusive-to-AP-holders thing). Last I knew, there were still a couple of comics being published, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish.


Hold the phone…no more disney adventurer’s??? well pooh…I liked getting that at the resort…you know for my DD:ph34r:


Nope…when we stayed t WL for Thanksgiving, all they had was Family Fun!! It is okay but since my kids are old they do not have many articles that apply to them. I really miss my Disney Magazine. The online Insider is just not the same.


So THAT’S why they’ve not been there the last few trips. :pinch:


I loved the Disney Mag, got it for years and I still miss it. It would give me that Disney fix that I needed.