What's up with the Liberty Square Riverboat refurb?


A year is a long time for a refurb. It was closed when I was there last September, and I’m hoping it will be done before our next trip in December.

Any ideas on what they are doing? It seems like a major rehab.

(sorry if this has been asked already in the past, I haven’t seen anything on it)


I was just wondering the same thing. Does anyone know when it will reopen, and what they’ve been doing for so long?


We were there in January, 2005, and it was closed for refurbishment. Wondering if it’s been closed that long, or if they are doing it in segments.


I saw somewhere that it is reopening in September… that is a long refurb. My 3yo son would love this-not too fast, not too scary, but something that you don’t do every day!


My understanding was that it’s only operating during “peak” times. Maybe they just put up the “refurbishment” sign during down times. We never go in peak times and we’ve never seen it operating.


It’s always been open on our off-season trips.

Of course, we never ride it. There are enough boat rides just using the shuttles across 7 Seas Lagoon.


I’ve honestly never seen that thing running. I wouldn’t go on it anyway - boats at WDW are the one form of transportation that can transform me from my usual charming self:angel: into a screaming madwoman. Why are they so SLOW??? - I always want to jump up and scream - "oh, for heaven’s sake, I’LL drive the darn thing! JUST GET MOVING!!!

(sorry, just had to get that out of my system).


We just got back from WDW last week the paddle boat was no where to be seen.


I dont think I saw it in Feb. or May but then again, I wasn’t really looking.:rolleyes:


Are we talking about the Steamboat IN Liberty Square? I have got myself all confused ( which these days is not uncommon!!! ). We ALWAYS ride that boat. Just to relax and take a load off mainly…but it has always been one my families favorites.


OK, here’s a really false-I-just-made-this-up rumor:

“They are refitting it as the Flying Dutchman.”

Huh? Huh? How cool would THAT be?


THAT would be cool - or The Black Pearl. I’d even go on it then.


Oooh…maybe they will change the name of the Columbia at Disneyland to the Black Pearl and Cpt. Jack will be on it!:mickey:


I would hang out there all day!!


I know this to be true!:tongue:


and … this just in - they serve rum.


I read somewhere that they are planning on reopening on September 22nd, I am hoping that will still happend. Would love to take a ride during MNSSHP!


I was told yesterday that during the pirates and princess thing that it will be a haunted river boat- perhaps a cross between the halloween party and the pirates party?


WOOHOO… you are kidding…
I would love it. I really wanted to ride the ferry…
I have to ride it.


that is what they told me yesterday. Are you going to the halloween party?