What's with Southwest?


I’ve done a search here, and it looks like the last two times Southwest released dates it was about 6 months in advance. I need flights for the last week-end in March, and nothing yet. We’re almost at 5 months out now. I remember asking this same question a year and a half ago, and at that time they didn’t release them until 4 months out.

So - anyone have any idea when they might come out? I know - it’s a long-shot - but it doesn’t hurt to ask. :blush:


On SWA website it says they are currently accepting air reservations through March 7, 2008. But on November 8, they plan to open their schedule for purchase through May 9, 2008.

They said this date is subject to change and to check back frequently.


Thank you so MUCH!!! How did I miss that! I keep checking every day just in case it pops up earlier.