What's your #1 "little-known" tip for WDW trips?


It can be something you love to do that most folks don’t know exists, or something that helps you prepare for your trips. Just thought it’d be fun to share! :slight_smile:


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I guess my “little known” WDW tip would be if you REALLY want some good character photos and interaction, along with a nice quiet, cool, and dark nap spot to visit the “Town Square Exposition Hall.” It’s the building to the right after you pass under the tunnel into the Magic Kingdom, where the Kodak center is. If you head to the back area not only are there some unique Disney “photo sets” to take cool pictures but characters appear back there throughout the day. Anytime I’ve been in there it’s been quiet & we got to hang out with Chip & Dale for like 15 minutes. Nobody else was around.


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I never thought of taking a nap back in the exposition hall! Do they still have the mural back there? It’s been blocked off for a while…


You can take your water park mug back and buy a new ‘sticker of the day’ for half the price of a new mug.


huh? :huh:


I guess I need more details??

Both water parks sell refillable mugs good for that day. If you return to either water park you can take your mug back and buy a new ‘sticker of the day’ and reuse your mug. W/o the sticker you can’t use the soda machine.


OK, got’cha! That’s cool, definately a nice money saving tip!


A new sticker is $6 and a mug is around $12. The best part is it doesn’t matter which park your mug is from, you can take it back to either park for a new sticker.


If the line to get on the monorail is too long, like when the park closes, you can ride the resort monorail and still get back to the TTC, just in the opposite direction.


If you make a beeline for the popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom when the park opens, try taking the train and getting off at Frontierland. You’re right there for Splash Mt. and Big Thunder. If your timing is good with the train, you’ll beat the people running over to the mountains from the front of the park.