What's your best crowd-avoidance tip?


Some of us heading down to the World in May are shaking in our boots about the possibility of crowded conditions. What’s your best tip for avoiding the crowds, or at least coping with them? :wacko: :blush:


People follow eachother. Take a moment to look at the flow of traffic, go left when everyone is going right. Try not to get stressed, be flexible and I am going to try and prepare the children that it is not going to be as easy as last time, no 5 minute waits this year. Girl/Boy Scout motto Be Prepared.


Stay away from the Magic Kingdom on Mondays. When you do go to the MK, hit Fantasyland first, then get a FP for Splash Mountain or Space Mountain. Do Stitch during the 3PM parade. Save Haunted Mansion and Pirates for when it’s busy, those lines move quickly.

When in Epcot, grab a FP for Test Track and then do Mission:Space, as single riders if you really have to.

Head to World Showcase, even on the busiest days, that won’t be mobbed.

Never believe the wait time for Tower of Terror, whatever it says, subtract 10 minutes. Get a FP for Rockn Roller Coaster EARLY.

In the AK, go to the Safaris ASAP!!! The animals are active early in the morning, and this ride is packed later on. Even if it’s 20 min wait first thing, just wait, don’t get a FP.


Go through MK’s rides during and after the parade and fireworks at night.


Try to pair your rides up. While waiting for SpaceMtn, grab a fastpass for Buzz, while waiting for BTMRR, grab a fastpass for Splash, etc.

Plan meals for off-times.

Go early, leave to rest and go back to stay late. Avoid the EMH parks. Those with basic MYW passes can’t park hop, so they’ll be in that park for the whole day.

Get fastpasses even for the shows to avoid long wait times.


I couldn’t have said it better myself. FastPass, FastPass,FastPass, FastPass! lol

                          Joe :mickey:


The best tip I ever got was to ALWAYS go to the left side of the queue…peoples natural tendencies are to go to the right b/c most people are right handed…so when a line splits into two seperate lines…always go to the left! It works like a charm…The best exp. I can give you is…during christmas we went on the Great Movie ride and saw a long line ahead of us…but the line split…so we walked to the left…the right side of the line was out through the theatre lobby and into the street…while the left line took us right into the screening room…most of the people in the right line thought the left side was closed just bc everyone had gone that way!


My best tips were already quoted essentially by tigger03 and Cinderbella…watch what others do, and work around them. Crowds form in the most ridiculous places, and if you remain alert and observant, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary gridlocks!!

And go to the LEFT at any queue possible. It sounds so crazy, but it works like a charm every time.

Also stick to your gut instinct. Crowd-weaving is surprisingly easy when you use your eyes and don’t just follow the Joe Schmoe in front of you.

And don’t be afraid to take BREAKS! :mickey: Being around big crowds is so overwhelming…I can get cranky fast. So if you find a place to sit in the shade, or a great little hideaway that’s somewhat secluded, TAKE IT. :tongue:

I’m sure the crowds won’t be quite as bad as you’re worried about, but it’s better to go prepared and have a great time than to show up and be taken aback by the crowds. Have fun!!!


I agree, FP always and do the rides while others are watching parades and or fireworks if you have seen them before. Also eat a big breakfast so you can skip lunch and eat an early dinner back at your hotel then while others are eating do the rides and shows too.


Great idea for a thread!!

When it’s realy busy, I like to take advantage of the EMH park early in he morning, then head out, rest, and go back to the parks again later, spending the most crowded part of the day eating and resting.


I have seen people say stay away from the EMH parks, but I really like that extra hour in the morning at MK. We got to ride several of the rides with little to no wait.

The extra three hours were nice too, but the bigger rides (Space Mtn and Splash Mtn) were still busy. I still would not hesitate to go during the extra hours though.

If you are going to do the EMH in the morning, make sure you are on the bus so you get there as soon as they open. We also saw some charatcters during EMH that usually have huge lines, that actually had reasonable lines.

The best ever crowd aviodance tip though? Don’t go at all. J/K :wink:


When were you there, Goofy3? I’ve heard positive and negative comments about the evening EMHs – were you there during a historically busy time?


I’ve been in WDW for EMH nights both in September and during busy times and I think that they are both very busy. It’s better to take advantage of EMH in the morning.


ACK… we planned on going on a Monday whimpers and hopes her birthdayw on’t be crowded :noo:


Here’s my take on crowd flow at the parks (these assume good weather)


  • generally light until about 10-10:30
  • heavy from 10:30 until about 1:30
  • crowds thin a bit from 1:30 until about 3pm
  • generally crowded then until just before SpectroMagic
  • evening/night crowds are generally unpredictable


  • FW gets busy around 10 and stay very busy until around 1:30
  • TT and M:S are busy regardless of time of day. Use FP only to get on these rides.
  • Outside of TT and M:S, FW is VERY manageable most days after 1:30. SE is usually walk-on.
  • WS is rarely “crowded”
  • Maelstrom typically get busy around 2pm and stays busy, but it’s not uncommon to see lines shorter than 5 minutes at any point during the day
  • MGM doesn’t seem to have a pattern. On busy days like Saturdays, it’s pretty busy all day long. MGM is one of those parks to avoid on EMH days. *
  • AK is generally very light until about 10:30 and thins out around 3pm.
  • I’ve haven’t been since EMH evenings began, so I’m only commenting about EMH mornings.

With that, has anyone gone to MGM on an EMH evening? Does it get bad? I’d rather not waste the effort of going over if it’s going to be mobbed (Sunday night, June 19th)


GO EARLY, GO EARLY, GO EARLY!!! Be there before the parks open and COMMANDO to do as much as you can before noon!


I would have to agree w/Cinderbella and others when they say to watch where the crowd is going and go the opposite way! Like they said, most people generally go right, so go to the left. Also, Fastpasses have saved us so much time at the parks. I would definitely utilize those. Good luck!


We went in July and went to MK on an EMH morning. It was great and I would recommend it. Like others said, get there before the park opens no matter what time. We got so much done the first 2 hours. Then we just used fast pass after that.

As a side note my July trip we were at POP and used the buses to MK and were ready to enter when the park opened. In Nov we drove and I was so annoyed at MK having to wait to get on the Monorail or boat. They would not even let you on to get over to the park to get in line to get in. It was just weird compared to using the bus.


when you start walking down main street, stop suddenly and scream, “oh my gosh, is that Betty White!?!”

That should do the trick…you can use any “famous” name just avoid chess champions and dead people…such as, “oh my gosh, is that Bing Crosby?!”…people will just think you are seeing things and keep moving along.