What's Your Disney Addiction?


Mine is ears. For some reason every trip I want new ears, even though I have sets already. I have the pink hat with princess crown and pink train, the fairy ears headband with sequin ears, but this trip I wanted the bridal set since we are getting married in less than 8 months and I want them for a few things between now and then. But I also really want the Minnie ears headband, so I’ll get those next trip. I’ve also let ds get 3 different pairs and dd has her own pair even though it doesn’t fit her head(Infant size does not fit an infant lol). So what is your Disney addiction?


Soap. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I always hide my soaps so that housekeeping will replace it, and I occasionally raid the housekeeping carts in the hallways for more soap.


Mine is pins. I have more than I know what to do with now, but I still get more on every trip.

Also, frozen lemonade. I will walk to the opposite end of a park to find frozen lemonade! :wub:


Lol on the soap, I took it and hid it every day with the shampoo, I have 7 bars and 4 bottles. They make great travel items!! Df just shakes his head and calls me a clepto.
Df loves the frozen lemonades too, he has to have at least one each trip!


Every trip I have to have the mickey mouse ice cream. My trip is not complete unless I have one. Its something about the ice cream dipped in chocolate shaped mickey mouse that I just love:)


Sharon’s addictions run deep. Soaps are high on the list. We have a whole drawer full of them from over the years. There are also the pins and T-shirts that are acquired every trip. Thank god the WDCC collecting has slowed way down.


For Disneyland Chocolate Croissants. I love them. Ive gotten one every trip as far back as I remember (which was when I was 4ish I think). I remember the routine growing up, go into the park, ride the train full circle, get a croissant then start the day. I still do that routine if DH isn’t to impatient to start riding rides or seeing things.

For Disney World I don’t really have one. Ive only been really two trips, given one was a long trip. I just haven’t been enough to form a real addiction to anything.


My computer doesn’t like me tonight, it posted twice.


Dole Whip Floats.


Pictures. I snap,snap,snap away. Pins, Ohhhh and coffee cups. I lurve my dis coffee cups.


I can’t leave without having a churro. And my dh is obsessed with the hot dogs. Seriously, its a hot dog! But he wants one almost every day. I think that’s all he’d eat if I let him. :laugh: We are also pin nuts. We always buy a bunch so we can give them as random gifts to each other throughout the year. I also have to get a magnet each time we go. And I love the soaps too! We always stock up!


DH has to have a turkey leg!


Taking pictures. I’m sure I take so many photos that it ruins the magic for me (e. during fireworks that I’ve taken loads of pictures of before!).

I also like pins, but I wouldn’t call it an addiction per say. But once every trip (or every year, if I go down there more than once) I like to get a new pin.

Oh, and meeting characters and getting their autographs and pictures. Don’t tell me I’m too old; I almost pee’d myself when I saw Scrooge McDuck at MVMCP. :laugh:


I say mine has to be pictures. I love love love taking pictures. I also like collecting the soaps also.
I think this trip Im going to start collecting postcards off all the hotels we we at


The one thing that we have to do everytime we go is to visit the scene of where we were married at Sunset Pointe at the POLY and talk about 1 thing from the day of our wedding, and if we are lucky enough we try and find someone to take a picture of us and if we cant then we do individual pictures…
Oh and yea I do the soap thing too and also the DVC coasters… I have a pile of them on our computer desk.


I was determined to try one of these last week when we were there and somehow still wasn’t able to do it!!! Everytime we were passing Aloha Isle we had either just eaten or were in a hurry to get somewhere. Ahh, someday hopefully…:crying:


Yes, you must have one! Oh so yummy! If they were available all over WDW instead of just in Adventureland, I’d probably only eat those the entire trip.:blush::laugh:


I agree with missymouse, dole pineapple floats! :wub: Also, pressed pennies.


Pressed pennies are my daughters’ FAVORITE we have to get them when EVER we see them!
For me, pictures and mini snow globes; I buy one every year:blush:
As for food, the Mickey icecreams…uuuummmmm:laugh::laugh::laugh:
Oh ya we also have a draw full of Resort soaps too, that I won’t let anyone use:huh::
Oh ya and “have a magical day” I could hear it all day long! It just puts a smile on your face, don’t cha think!:heart:


For me it is the mickey shaped rice krispy treats, for some reason I eat like 4 of these on each trip. And last trip I discovered the Dole Whip Floats evil twin, the Cappuchino Float, also sold at Aloha Isle…OMG, that is the BEST thing I have ever had. Had two of them in two days…lol, and then the trip was over! I am really craving one now…

My kids are totally pin obsessed, we buy them traders and they trade all day, every day. It is great, though, they want to TALK to the CMs in the stores, and see their pins, they dont want to buy more stuff - yay! We now have a book with everyone’s favorites in it and lanyard pins as well…then we fill up on traders! It is getting ridiculous!