Whats Your Disney Dream Job?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what things I’d like to try and do at Walt Disney World. The only problem is… THERES SO MUCH YOU CAN DO. And so many things I am interested in.

I would love to give behind the scenes tours, because learning and sharing about Disney are two of my favorite things!

I would love to be able to bake cakes for the Weddings and other speical occasions, because Disney and Cakes are both very magical to me!

I would love to be an Imagineer, to get a tiny say in what happens here and help protect the legacy of what Walt has started.

What are some of your Disney Dream Jobs?
Who do you think has the most fun and the best job at Disney!!


That is too hard… I guess that I would be a designer/imagineer… cakes would be good too. Chef that creates the Christmas displays would be fun.

I would also like to be a greeter on Main Street-mayor, or one of those ladies would be fun…

I could be Cinderella for the day…


Actually, a job that IMPRESSED me the most on the last trip was the interpreters for the deaf. My wife and I absolutely loved the job they did, and they really helped her to enjoy attractions that she had seen multiple time before, but never fully understood. She really appreciated their work.

I don’t think I’ll ever be that good.


My top 3 Disney dream jobs:

  1. Disney Princess!! (like that would ever happen though! :laugh:)
  2. Work Space Mountain, simply because I could ride the ride everyday!
  3. The Great Movie Ride

  1. Imagineer
  2. Tinkerbell flying from the Castle during Wishes!
  3. PhotoPass Photographer in MK!

  1. Working with the animals at AK.
  2. Working in the Haunted Mansion
  3. Working EPCOT’s Norway

The only trouble I see at working anywhere at WDW is it now becomes a four letter word (WORK) LOL


haunted mansion for shore or working in Epcot Germany. I LOVE Germany!


i want to be a MUG POLICE OFFICER!!!

or one of the characters in a parade. that way i wouldn’t have to stand there all day and i could single out cute little kids to wave to or shake hands with and make their experience that much cooler.:wub:


I just wanna run the place !!! :laugh:

Secondly…I want to be the person who invites a family to spend a night in Cindy’s Castle. To walk up to someone and announce that would be great and to see the joy in their faces.


Imagineer would be right up my alley.

I"d also like to walk around all day with a little clipboard looking for bad show and then making sure it gets corrected overnight. Because I want everything to be perfect.


I would love to be a Disney wedding/event planner.


[QUOTE=WALL;1030207]I just wanna run the place !!! :laugh:

Secondly…I want to be the person who invites a family to spend a night in Cindy’s Castle. To walk up to someone and announce that would be great and to see the joy in their faces.[/QUOTE]

I figured you would be the official BEER TASTER


Brit … Some dreams are just to hard to follow!!! :laugh::laugh::eek:


Imagineer of course!

But, I think working in the telecom or a mechanical field there would be amazing as well. To truly see the true inner workings of the place would just be amazing.



or audio/video technician for Finding Nemo Show or the Beauty and the Beast Show…


See, he really has a great big heart if you just look past all the beer cans! :laugh:


Is there two of these threads?
I posted on the other I guess.

Me? I would like to run the Haunted Mansion and help with event planning to spread a little more Halloween haunted-ness to WDW!


I’d like to take pictures, work with the animals, or walk around trading pins


I think working with the animals would be fun too! Especially Flights of Wonder!


I DREAM of retiring to FL and working at Disney - don’t think I could afford to live on the pay of a job I could actually get there before retirement…

  1. an imagineer, if as a career sort of thing, but I’m afraid it would get to “job-like”
  2. I am dying to drive the TRAIN!!! at WDW
  3. Great Movie Ride, although this would get old.
  4. Photopass photographer - this is right up my alley, and would never get old!