What's your favorite 'drink' in WDW? - (alcoholic or non!)


Since summertime is officially here, it got me thinking…what is your favorite ‘drink’ in WDW?

You can list alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks! Just something that’s a tasty treat and is a must-get for you when you go to WDW.


I guess mine’s kind of a no-brainer…

Alcoholic would have to be the Lapu Lapu (I know, I’m crazy…I love strong drinks! :happy:) and non-alcoholic would be a Dole Whip float! Oh goodness, I guess me and pineapple just get along verrrrrrry well. :tongue:

My runner-up alcoholic drink is the Glowtini, and runner-up non-alcoholic would have to be the smoothies at Kona Cafe! :wub:


I have to go with a Dole whip float. MMMM such pineappley goodness.


another Dole whip float here also I love milk shakes from Ghiredellis Alcoholic drinks well I dont really drink but I used to get this one that a CM I was friends with use to get ( it was specially made and is not on the menu at Advenuturers club ) Wonder if I can still get it lol A frozen hot chocolate … all you could taste was yummy chocolateness with a little hint of alcohol …


Daniel is all for the beer, especially in the Norwegian, German, and UK pavillions. I am more of a ‘fruity’ drink kinda gal. My favorite adult beverages in WDW are the “Glowtini,” the “Lapu Lapu” at the Polynesian resort, and the special “Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvée Brut” champagne they have goin’ on created specifically for the Year of a Million Dreams by Iron Horse Vineyards.

My favorite non-adult beverage has to be everything Dole has to offer in Adventureland! :biggrin:


I enjoy a Beverly…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Wow. We have the exact same taste. :eek:

Cool! :happy:


Uh-huh. Sure you do.

You should write to Disney and ask them to start selling it in a 44 oz. size for you! :laugh:


Hey I really enjoy it. It is refreshing…and free.


Well they do sell those adorable cups you can customize and fill with your favorite flavor!! :laugh: :laugh:

I like mostly fruity drinks too . . . :laugh: alcoholic or not! :laugh:


Dole Whip Float!!
DH accuses me of wanting to go to WDW just to have a Dole Whip Float!:laugh: He might be right!:blush:


:blow: :blow: :blow: Blech!!! :blow: :blow: :blow:


Hey I didn’t judge your choice :angry:



Sorry!:blush: :laugh:


OH, and by the way… I think it’s EXTREMELY worthy of talking a little more in depth about the Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvée Brut. If you haven’t tried a flute yet, you MUST, save it for a special dinner and get a bottle if you can. It’s DE-LISH-OUS!

Iron Horse Vineyard, located in Green Valley California, boasted as the makers of wine enjoyed by “Presidents, the Queen, and the Pope” created a special cuvée just for Disney. Named “Fairy Tale Cuvée,” and it is completely heavenly. It’s very smooth, not too sweet, and it compliments everything I’ve accompanied with it, perfect compliment with dessert. :biggrin:

I plan on having a glass with every single dinner we eat in Disneyland! :heart:


Funny story:

Last year I was at EPCOT with my DW’s cousin (DC), her son (stitch), any my DW’s cousins parents (yes those would be my DW’s Uncle and Aunt).

I introduced stitch to the Beverly which he hated until I informed him it was italian and which point his heritage kicked in and had to have more. He then grabbed a cup of it and ran out side to give to his grandfather…proudly pronouncing “Grandfather you should drink this. It’s Italian!”


Dole Whip Float would have to rank highest on my list. Haven’t tried any alcoholic beverages so I can’t respond to that part.

*I really do like the blue frozen Coke, too :blush: *


:laugh: Neither DH nor I are ashamed of the fact that we practically dream of Dole Whips/Dole Whip Floats every night before a Disney trip! We’re totally “whipped” (pun intended!) :tongue:


I must try this!! :eek:

:pinch: Just 7 more months, 7 more months… :dry: (And then however long I have to wait for a Disney trip too! :laugh:)