What's your favorite DVC resort to stay at?


What’s your [B]favorite[/B] DVC resort to stay at?


I’ve only stayed at all the DVC resorts at WDW, so my ranking would be:

  1. BLT
  2. BWV
  3. BCV
  4. VWL
  5. AKV
  6. SSR
  7. OKW

I haven’t stayed at VGC yet, but I think it will rank somewhere in the top 3.

I haven’t stayed at VB or HHI either.


I’ve haven’t stayed at BLT yet, but we just LOVE being at to walk to two parks from BCV. Of course you can do that at BWV, but we think the BCV are nicer.

If we were just going for the resort and not thinking about parks, AKV. We could spend hours there just wandering around.


just counting the DVc resorts we have stayed at, the list would be…

1- BCV
2- BLT
3- AKV
4- WLV
5- BWV
6- SSR


I voted for AKV - But wanted to add that it would be Jambo House, not Kidani. Love the lobby, atmosphere, pool and able to have quick service at our fingertips. Not sure what happen with the lobby at Kidani, but very little to be desired compared to Jambo House. Still want to try Kidanis table service though. Heard very good things about it.


What I like about my top 5 choices:

1) BLT
[li]Location! You can walk to the Magic Kingdom
[/li][li]Views! Fantastic views of the MK and Bay Lake (and Wishes!)
[/li][li]On the Monorail! Access to other deluxe resorts
[/li][li]Dining! California Grill and access to great dining at GF/Poly
[/li][li]Top of the World Lounge! I love the view of the world from on high
2) BWV
[li]Location! You can walk to Epcot and boat to DHS
[/li][li]Views! Great views of Crescent Lake and YC/BC
[/li][li]The Boardwalk Midway!
[/li][li]Dining! At all the Epcot resorts and inside Epcot, including Flying Fish Cafe on the BW!
3) BCV
[li]Location! You can walk to Epcot and boat to DHS
[/li][li]Stormalong Bay! The best feature pool at WDW
[/li][li]Dining! At all the Epcot resorts and inside Epcot, including Yactsman Steakhouse and Beaches & Cream
[/li][li]Sandy Beach on Crescent Lake with views of the Boardwalk
4) VWL
[li]Magnificently rendered theme!
[/li][li]The Lodge! Peaceful and romantic
[/li][li]Just a relaxing boat ride away from the MK
5) AKV
[li]The animals on the Savanna!
[/li][li]Great exotic theme!
[/li][li]A feeling of remoteness! relax away from the Parks
[/li][li]Great dining! Jiko, Boma and Sanna

I guess for me it’s all about location, location, location!


I had to answer BLT, after staying there in December I fell in love. We had a MK view, it was Christmas time so all the decorations were up, & we took full advantage of the rooftop lounge. LOVED IT!

My second favorite would be the Villas at Wilderness Lodge, then Kidani Village.


My choices


I can only answer by the ones that I stayed at. we are staying at BLT this October, so I will have to put that last.



I have only tried two. Saratoga and OKW. I like SSR a touch better, but both are lovely.


I have only stayed at OKW, SSR, AKV and BLT. I have to say that BLT is my favorite! The location did it for me.

If I had to choose #2, it would be AKV. I don’t think any other resort comes close when it comes to theming.

I hope to try ALL DVC resorts one day!


BWV or BCV. So nice to have the boardwalk and things to do there. Being able to walk into EPCOT is my favorite thing. Walk or boat into the studio.

My home resort is SSR, but I haven’t stayed there yet. I haven’t had a problem yet staying where I want the week before Christmas.