What's your favorite moderate...and why?


Looking to plan a trip next year…for adults only. (Anniversary trip for two couples)

Where would you stay…and why? I need details here, folks, to help make my decision easier. Lots of pressure being the one to book… :ohmy:

Thanks, in advance! :wub:


POR, lovely grounds, great bar with Bob the Entertainer, boat to DTD :smile:


Thanks Dopey. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around a boat to DTD. (don’t have a mental map of that area) I’ll look up the location. How is transportation from POR?


I love POFQ…they also have a boat to DtD but also, its the smallest of the Mods, has a great theme with beautiful grounds. Nice pool with a great hot tub. Not much walking necessary to get from one end to the other.



I love POFQ also. Its small so you are never too far from the lobby, bus stop, etc. The theming in this resort is great! For adults only, I think this would be a very good choice. It is nice to stroll down the “streets” and it always seems peaceful.


Mine is POR but you couldn’t go wrong with POFQ either. POR is a much larger resort and from previous stays at both less kids are around at POFQ but that is because of the smaller size.


These days it’s CSR mostly because their rooms have 2 queens instead of two doubles.
The new TVs don’t hurt either.


I can only say CBR as that is the only mod we have stayed at. We love CBR and is such a beautiful resort. It is a large resort so I would suggest requesting a room in Trinidad S or Martinique (they are both preferred costs as they are the closest to the food cout, bar, activity area and main pool). You could also request Aruba or Jamaica as they are a short walk over the bridge to Olde Port Royale. It is an EPCOT resort and is centrally based in WDW. I cannot say how the buses are as we normally have a car and drive to the parks.


We also LOVE CBR, the caribbean theme had my at first glance (I’m a sucker for anything caribbean). Martinique section 26 is a GREAT location; it’s close to Old Port Royale, a bus stop and the main pool. It is a big resort and we had no problems with the buses. Good Luck deciding which resort to choose.

Here a link to the map of CBR:Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Map - wdwinfo.com


POFQ is the best. It’s small, short boat ride to the DTD. You get picked up first before the bus goes to POR so it’s not crowded most of the time, at least when I went. If it’s just the 2 of you then a King room would be nice. We booked a king and got a beautiful room facing the water in building 6. All buildings are decent for distance to the main building and bus stop. We were hoping to go this Sept. so I was thinking about building 5 this time because of it’s closeness to the pool. POFQ doesn’t have a sit down restaurant but it’s just a short walk or bus ride/ boat ride to POR for their restaurant.


Sassagula River Boat



I just found all the allearsnet.com youtube videos and this one is wonderful of POR, you can see the boat to DTD. It’s a long video enjoy:flowers:


We’ve only stayed at CS and POR, but I did prefer CS. The grounds seemed much nicer and more peaceful, the pool was much less crazy, and it was just quieter.


I am all about the POFQ for all the same reasons everyone else likes it! And it seems the most romantic for an anniversary.


I’d recommend CSR!! Besides having a great main pool area, CSR also offers many deluxe amenities at a mod price.

CSR has queen beds while the other mods have doubles like the values. The rooms have been recently renovated and are gorgeous.

CSR has a fitness center, spa, tanning beds, a sauna, salon, full menu room service and a night club.

CSR has a sliding wooden door separating the sink area from the room instead of a privacy curtain like the other mods.

CSR has the same toiletries as the deluxes (except GF). CSR has separate shampoo and conditioner instead of the shampoo/conditioner combo at the other mods and values (a small thing, I know, but it means I don’t have to pack shampoo and conditioner).

CSR has the largest hot tub of the mods and one of the longest pool slides on Disney property. The pool, slide and playground area is great.

CSR has terrific transportation that is not shared with any other resort.

Check out these CSR sites below.


For adults only, I would still pick POFQ. You don’t have to walk a mile to get to your room no matter where you are. Everything is pretty close to everything. The pool bar is a favorite hang-out. Go and tell Shelley “hi!” from Dana. She’s been there 14 years and truely makes the bar fun. she has quite the following there…people acutally stay there because of her. The rooms have a deluxe quality to them. The resorts grounds are fantastic and the entire team of CM (excluding the grouchy guy from bells service) was and always is PERFECT when I stay there.


CBR will be great!


POFQ. We stayed here our honeymmon year (1993) and although we’ve stayed at other resorts, all catagories, this will always be “home” to us. When we were planning our honeymoon trip, DW and I both agreed that we wanted a room “in the middle”…not the most expensive, not the cheapest, and something about POFQ caught our attention. This was our introduction to WDW as a married couple…we arrived here before entering any theme park or restaurant, and were treated like royalty by the cast members, and had our first dinner in WDW at Bonfamille’s Cafe…(gone now…:frown:) We knew right away we had made an outstanding choice. For us, a bed is a bed is a bed, we’re not too picky about the decor of the room itself, only that it is clean and it doesn’t connect with another room. What captured us was the themeing of the resort…it still does. I do sometimes wonder if we had stayed at a place like the Contemporary if we would still have the same feelings about a yearly return. Nothing against the Contemporary, mind you, but it just doesn’t feel like “home”…POFQ does.