What's Your Favorite Month


It seems like everyone has a favorite time to visit WDW. I know we’re hooked on May because of the crowd level and weather. What’s your favorite time to go and why?


Because it’s my BIRTHDAY month…
And I usually don’t travel the month of July!


November without a doubt! We just love it!


This was very, very hard, because for me it’s all about the crowds. I had three choices: January, 1st week of March and September. I picked Sept., because it’s still hot enough to take advantage of the waterparks. January’s a little too cool and since we only did the March thing once, it might have been a fluke. One time I will NEVER go again is November. I had heard it was one of the least crowded times - it was a NIGHTMARE!:ohmy:


Hiya llamafur!
If you stay away from Veterans’ Day Week it is not so bad–we have always had great weather and low crowds…hmmmmm, maybe you should go with me and HB in November some time…:happy:


Wait… I miss read the question…
We have only been to WDW once…
That was November 1996
Now we are going in September 2006
So I guess I don’t have a favorite month… I JUST WANT TO GO!!!


I voted Jan. As long as you avoid MLK Jr. weekend, crowded levels are usually low and most rides are walk ons. The weather is also cooler. Some days can be down right cold, but I like cold weather.

Down side is shorter hours and it’s usually too cold for the water parks, but I think the crowds levels are a better trade off. The prices are usually better, too.


I voted for November:) Love that Food and Wine Fest. and have never had a problem with the crowds.


Anything from Oct to Feb - when it’s “cold”. I refuse to go to South FL during the summer months (unless it’s to dive).

I’ve done WDW in July. I’d rather put a gun to my head.


I voted for whenever we can get the best deal. We are going the 2nd week of September this year. We got free Dining and according to the unofficial guide it is the one of the least crowded weeks of the year!! It is rated a 4 everyday except for a 5 on the day we leave. I couldn’t find any days rated below a 4.


I love DLR in either May (minus Memorial Day weekend) or June (before school lets out). The weather is gorgeous and the crowds are low. April and September are great too though. I guess anytime there aren’t crowds!


I was trying to decide between May, Oct & Nov. Finally decided on Oct because it’s my birthday and anniversary month!! Great weather, manageable crowds, F&W Festival. We have to go in the last half of August now because we won’t pull oldest DD16 out of High School, and even though the crowd levels are fantastic then, I still miss my Oct birthday trips!!


Yeah another vote for May!!


I voted for May! When we lived in Florida this is when I would take off of work and take our longest trip of the year to WDW. The weather is still bearable to be outdoors all day and there was never much rain. We would ritualistically go the 1st week of May leaving slightly BEFORE Mother’s Day to avoid the crowds. Crowds were ALWAYS SOOOOO light at this time, most likely because children are still in school and it is PERFECTLY placed between Spring Break and Summer when crowds are high. We LOVED it!!

Unfortunately, since moving to NJ in 2003 I’ve had to adapt to the public school schedule here and now I am forced to go to Disney only on school breaks!!! This stinks. :glare: But hey, ultimately, the school board is financing my Disney obsession in exchange for my hard work so ya do what-cha gotta do! But BOY do I miss May, January, and early October!:sad:


January is my favorite month!


I voted for Dec. I love early Dec. because of low crowd levels and it is all decorated for Christmas. It is so beautiful. I always love going to WDW though, so really any month would be good !


We are with you.
We’ve sone five May trips in a row.


I voted for May … even though it has been several years since we have been able to go in May …the reason… The Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot.


I’m afraid of Jersey Week!:crying:

But - maybe a few whipalulus could persuade me…:whistling


Let me go get some pineapples…:happy: