What's your favorite pin?


What’s your favorite pin? Mine is my Goofy Vader.Hyuck!


SMIGGERS found me a coffee cup with Minni and a hiden Mickey on it.
Then my BIG D pin with Tink and Chip & Dale.


My pin of the Partners statue in front of the castle :wub:
I also like my pin of Mickey and the gang on Splash Mountain, it actually moves :happy:


The Whimsical Giraffe pin, because it took such a long time to find it to complete a favorite collection!


My favorite pin is the one that Doughnut aka dhoughton sent to me 2 Christmas’s ago. It’s a Dopey with a Christmas hat kind of a thing. It’s definitely my fav and will never be traded :happy:


dhought is the best… send MissSMIG a few pins for X-MAS she treasures.


My favorite pin is a Chip & Dale one from AKL lodge.


I don’t collect, but my DD does. My favorite pin in her collection is a old time classic pooh pin…love classic pooh.


My only pin… :cool:

The one I got at Disneyland, which shows the Castle and Walt at the tunnel underneath…


I just started my collection this passed April and i would have to say that my favorite(s) of what i have are the three ghost pins from the cast lanyards.


Arghh the hardest question! I have so many pins and I love them all :laugh:.

I would have to say my favorite is a DA one that was I think the first pin I ever bought.

It’s a large one of Cruella De Vil in a heart saying “Be My Valentine”. I just love it because it’s simple, funny, and just classy.

I also love Cruella from the Santa’s pin list series.

And I have just started rapidly collecting mickey and minnie pins. But only ones that just have them on it, NO background on the pins, just them in different outfits doing actions but nothing else. I’ve become fond of these.