What's your favorite time to visit & why


I have only been there in November, and I loved it then :heart:

Short lines, nice weather -sometimes a little cool
Christmas decorations were up, MVMCP


I voted November because it was warm days and cool nights.The Christmas lights were up and snow on Main Street. I do still enjoy April and Oct but November edged them out…at least untilI go back next month!!


We love September. We kinda like it hot, but September is not miserably hot, the crowds are fairly low (depending on which week you go), and the last few years its been FREE dining!


I agree with this . . . we always go in Nov for DDs birthday . . . but Jan/Feb is what I voted for . . . it’s a nice post holiday wind down, nice weather, low crowds! :smile:


early February was my favorite time…never waited more than 10 mins.


I voted for November because the weather is gorgeous, hardly any rain, slightly cool at night, if you get your timing right you can see the beautiful holiday decorations & come home EXCITED about Christmas. I LOVED going in November.


The days after Labor Day were the slowest I have ever experienced. I absolutely loved it. But I am trying other times b/c of MNSSHP and MVMCP. I wish I could have gone during the pirates & princess as well. But I think Sept will remain my fav!


I voted DECEMBER because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE HOLIDAY DECOR!!! It is SO magical! We have been 3 times during the first 2 weeks of Dec.


This year, we will be going in NOVEMBER! I am sure I am going to love it, too! All of the Christmas decor will be up…we’ll be there for Thanksgiving week! Who knows, we just may start a new Thanksgiving tradition this year! :mickey:


Christmas! It’s our favorite time but with the kids school we were only able to do it once.


I love being there to see all the Christmas decorations too, but the only time I’ve been to see it was the week after Christmas. That was CRAZY busy–I don’t want to go back when it’s that crowded!


We love to go in November. The weather is beautiful, the parks are not as crowded, the Christmas decorations are up, it’s not value season and we leave just before Thanksgiving. Perfect


November, I get 2 holidays for the price of 1, with nice weather and manageable crowds, however I think the secret may be out though. We now try to get there the week before Thanksgiving, before everyone else comes and stay through the weekend after Thanksgiving to catch the MVMCP.


Ho Ho Ho its got to be late November for me Christmas decorations and festive cheer. We love it, then Back home to enjoy Christmas with the family.


Anytime… as long as I get to the world.

February was fun… but you have to watch out for Daytona 500 and that cheer competition. So… the lines aren’t always fab.

October is a good time… never get to go then anymore. :crying:

And December is so festive… always something to do (although the crowds are crazy).


I voted December- early December, with all the decorations, MVMCP, the holdiay atmosphere…can’t beat it.



Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, light crowds, perfect weather, plus jasmine, gardenias and magnolias are in full bloom!


I like May too-October was fun when DD was small with all the Halloween stuff- Christmas is a must do for us- all the times we have been that is the one time of the year we have never visited.


That’s what we are doing this year! We arrive the Friday BEFORE Thanksgiving and stay until Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving. We will only be going to the parks 4 or 5 days…I am contemplating whether we should be in the parks Thanksgiving Day! :confused:


I too voted for Dec. We usally left the last week of Nov and stayed til the
2nd week of Dec. Just loooooved the christmas feeling everywhere you went!! Normally we have great crowds, but in 2006 it was a bit more crowded, but that was ok.


I like the summer months, why, parks are opened late, and most important, I hate being cold!