What's your favorite WDW show?


Name your fave!


That is how I chose my user name:happy:


I voted Spectromagic. I love love love that parade.


A Disney trip isn’t complete without seeing Spectromagic at least once. A strong second is Wishes.


I voted for Fantasmic, I totally think this show rocks!


A very tough decision but I went with IllumiNations


Wow…like asking which child is your favorite!! I will need to really think about this! I went with Wishes…reluctantly:laugh:


:ohmy:I have yet to see it :cool:


Hands down, it’s Fantasmic! We plan around this show to make sure we never miss it.


I missed Fantasmic last year, and I was so mad! Standing room only 1/2 hour before the show! This year, we are booking a Fantasmic Dinner package to make Sure we dont miss it…wish they would get that schedule firm…


Nemo! Without doubt!


:eek: Its a must if you haven’t. Its just a classic parade!


1. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
2. Wishes
3. Fantasmic
4. SpectroMagic

Although it’s probably pretty close between Wishes and Fantasmic.
There are several other MK fireworks shows as well as a Christmas version of IllumiNations that could also be included.


Actually, I plan around all the night time shows and with the exception of the hard ticket events in MK, we don’t eat dinner until after nightly spectaculars.
Well, there have been some recent exceptions when eating dinner in Epcot in order to allow for the park’s closing at 9 PM.


Hands down I LOVE Fantasmic!


Wishes by a small margin over Illuminations.


I :heart: Wishes!


Granted, Fantasmic is the most sophisticated and it hasn’t gotten old yet, but I love seeing Wishes and listening to the music standing on Main Street with my favorite girls.:smile::heart:


I voted for spectro. Seeing all the hard work from the cast members that goes into that parade I can’t help to be overwelmed when I watch it. Also, when I first see the lights on main street go down and the music starts, I get tears in my eyes. Its the only show that does that to me:)


We’re a Spectromagic family here!